Good Luck

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BestGo! BestGo!
Then we are quiet
The moon is down
Clouds marching in
Covering over Orion
Mockingbird sings a little
From the bottlebrush
Oh to read the land and know how
Magnetic perceptors, ley line aware
Star map mind
The migrating passerines
Hurrying laminar flow
Angel, did you wake up you?
On the shelf by the door
Did you find that bottle of red?
Tag! You’re It!
All the birth under the waning crescent
After the midnight rain footsteps
A New York toothpick
I believe you believe that
Longing for one’s lover
Unexpected trajectories suddenly
A fistball of butterflies opens a light beam
The afternoon heat sounds like summer still
Gone away again into Billie Holiday records
Then just
The wind in the leaves
Sounds like deluge
Or chicken thighs on a hot skillet
Our bodies are kites
Flown by angels
We are the root down
Anchoring the bloom
The wind is God laughing
Keeping all the lines tight

editors note:

With angels holding the string, it’s good luck, indeed! – mh clay

Smells Like Old Guitar Strings

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Make a funny face cuz you want to
Why is she hiding in shadow
Make a funny face cuz you can
Leaping from silence
The powers refuse to tell the Truth
All the faces in the mirror’s memory stare like mullet
Their intention is to divide us
Even from 10,000 light-years away
Your broken-hearted smile
Is a railroad bed
Full of train horn
Blasting at the starlight crossing
Eyes are hung up, gnawing
On shadow and light
You are the Angel
Talking inside into Existing
Littoral zone singing Emily Dickinson’s edge of infinity
Then Death is right up in my face
Licking clay from my spirit
Until a ringing bell of light
Is all I am

editors note:

How to lose weight on the Angel Express. – mh clay

For a Stone rolling…

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Rilling a mourning bird morning
The Great Charlie Watts
No longer casts a shadow
Our telescopes trained
On his flight into the Light
Our feet got to move

editors note:

To all our rock ‘n rollers, we salute them with our feet. R.I.B. (rest in beat), Charlie! – mh clay

Milton was murdered.

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Lately it seems
All is lost, all is found
All at the same time
If healing is necessary
Ask the Traiteur for help
No payment needed
Milton wishes to hold her closer
“She is light on water to me,” he says.

editors note:

Before his end, Milton sought healing, switched to haiku. – mh clay

Regardless of Consequence

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The old poet’s writing hand lay
Curled like dead songbird feet
On the August sidewalk
The boy pushes on the songbird’s chest
One last song snippet
Then quiet bagpipe
The tune forgotten, the blue period of late
Went blackout, new moon allegedly so low
A torn-up paper drawing of a cake
I’ll have a slice she said
Pursuing happiness as fast as we can
Each step approaching death
Pursuing happiness as fast as we can
One breath, one heartbeat from rising angel
Pursuing happiness as fast as we can
Tend your fire! You are the signal now
Pursuing happiness as fast as we can
One breath away, one heartbeat away
Another leaf in the street
A phone call unanswered
Oh, you are such an Angel
Here is your participation trophy

editors note:

Cookies and kool-aid in the clubhouse, after. – mh clay

Blue Nun

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12/21/18 Poem by MH and Zim after being in Deep Ellum

I feel the blue nun, she’s on the edge of a ready to harvest field of bounty.
The sting and sizzle
Of sister’s swizzle
Ignites the inner eruption
Blink. The fields are ablaze, angels screaming
RUN. (You are the one we love, take my hand)
Run. The stumbling nun
Hands on ears
Eyes agog on approaching ever
In the middle of infinity, we exist now.
A roiling rampaging bull knocking down a shotgun shack
Butting us forward
To fall flat or bounce
Ripping open Heaven, be here now
With our snorkels, parachutes, and helmets
Deep dive, boys
Into it, into it now
Dig a little deeper, dig deeper now
Angel or Nothing

editors note:

Rampaging angels; it’s bliss or abyss. (This poem is a collaborative work by Chris Zimmerly and yours truly.) – mh clay

Don’t Imitate Hemingway

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One red husk shell, the smooth barrel gagging

Newly dead Ernie throws his scrambled brains
Quick into the sky as hummingbird turns
Red the predominate color, the second in command
Is green, sick green looney bin locked rooms
Long hallways with echoes
The window’s grasping fluctuations
Touchy inside seconds of electroshock therapy
For a minute, only banshee shoulders for the lightning struck

One shell releasing
The last waterfall of thoughts
Swimming in shark jaw water
The warm motion of the falling pieces
Diving to the knees

Nostrils flatulent with snotty brain bubbles
Pupils staggered in terrorizing mirrors
As the soul looks at the body bag
“I love you.”
In the last molecule exchange
In the last biting fire

editors note:

Out with a bang. Farewell to the bag and the cleanup crew. (See another mad missive from Chris on his page; something on the lighter side of lust and horticulture – check it out.) – mh clay

American Disarray #54

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On the two legs
Of a lightning struck sea
An odd dancing scarecrow
Taps out a Morse Code mayday
Poet musing on
An empty glass
The liquor running its legs
Watching her legs
In the last light of the barroom
A witch finger vine stretching
Binding in memory
A bee’s map of the world
The monarch proboscis
The ruby-throated hummingbird tongue
Lapping her bell held nectar
The clear tone ringing in the wing beat
Hearing her heartbeat
Earring machinery clanking
Her breathing rhythmic
Faster now,
The stamen brushing
New colors on her dawn


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The sky is angry mouth where a plum used to be
Quick color the departure walls
O! Lord, I can’t believe the news
Everywhere shimmering sudden light

Hey! Do you want to go the Featherwood Hospital?
Anodyne stat!
Hey Doctor! Nothing touches the tired spot.

Clip the clouds from the fingers
Everywhere simmering sudden light.

Let’s check into the Featherwood Hospital.
A tin man, do I have a heart?
Oh no! check my pulse
Quick call a nurse
I’m getting worse!

Wood or feather?
Doctor! Doctor!
What do you prescribe?

editors note:

Diagnose the malady ‘fore dashing off the remedy. Recover or reverse. Yes. Call a nurse! – mh clay

Oh, Not Again

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She has a halo you can
Always almost see
Her kiss will not set
You free
It lingers like a hook
Now you wriggle on
The line
You are rotten fruit
On the vine
The problem
Wasn’t your
Bad advice
It was
That I took

editors note: The dupe after the dare. (See – and hear – another mad splash on Zim’s page – check it out!) – mh clay