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Notice we no longer use chains and
Of course the rooms are filled with shadows
While laser lights and virtual programs prove
More cost effective than fire yet the cardboard
Cut-outs and the curtains have remained the same
As well as those old lies that trees are real
That the way out really goes somewhere
That math leads more than just in circles
And that the Wizard himself behind the curtains
Keeps the whole domino world from collapsing
And each year more and more come to believe it
As only a few poets and down-and-outers dare climb
The arduous way out as most prefer
To sit and talk about food and sports.

editors note:

Such expert cave dwellers we have become. Why crawl out, when we have central heat and surround sound? – mh


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Sixty millions years ago in a wink
An asteroid crashed to Earth in a clink
Wiped out the dinosaurs in a blink
And made everything else go extinct
Except the hairy one who learned to think
Now he’s called the missing link.

Was it fate or chance for brains to replace
Brute brawn and bulk that fell from grace?
But if the asteroid had missed its footrace
There would be some other creature in place
Perhaps some reptilian one with some scaly face
Proclaiming that they too are from a chosen race.

editors note:

We’re the result of an arm wrestling match between fledgling gods; the anthropoid won! The repile awaits our demise… – mh


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Each year the light is less.
We can barely see it now,
The faint necklace of
The Milky Way.

The old ones were wrong,
You know with their waxed fingers
Pointing up like abandoned adobe.

Yet you know better in your cubical gardens
And half moth-eaten moons,
You have arrived in

editors note:

Imprisoned in this understanding: Caution! The end of the universe is closer than it appears. – mh


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Did you
When you were California
Dreaming when the answer was a
Blowing in the wind when times were a
Changing before the dust in the wind
Had covered all your peace signs
When all the leaves were brown
And the sky was grey
Along the watchtowers where
You found yourself quite alone
And now that all the flowers have gone
Did you really give peace a chance?

editors note:

A new spin on old anthems brings the question back around to the long-haired, liberated, lascivious hippy we wanted to be. So… did we? – mh


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They kept it a major secret like buried
Cuban missiles or the true value of gold,
Never told us that you were just like us.

Even when they paraded you in pinstripes
Or gave you some lucky number
Or put your portrait on a box of bran flakes,

You were every boy’s hero
We didn’t care about the smoking, the
Drinking, or your father’s image

Or your illness that ran in the family,
Or cared how you neglected your children and wife
Or knew why you ran so well,

Because you were a legend, our hero
And idols make perfect statues
Like yours they placed in center field.

editors note:

Nasty secrets topple our icons. Everyday life is theirs as it is ours? Scandalous! Now, turn to your idol in the mirror. Any secrets there? – mh


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I learned at an early age
What happens to all snowmen,
Why the fake beards

As I sat upon his lap
And took his hard candy.
Now there is only no in my noel.

But I fool them in my
Berry reds and holly greens
Perpetual as prize ribbons

Now New Years breaks with bad breath
While the world awaits with
Its perfect white teeth, I run like a gnome.

editors note:

“Please, I beg you; I will endeavor to keep the Spirits of the Past, the Present and the Future in my heart throughout the year. Only, spare me, spare me.” – Ebeneezer Scrooge


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Drag your white skull beyond blind seas
That tumble dazed to you mono-eyed magic.
Go tell Neptune when the night is through.
Charm him, too, with your waxing and waning.
But you can’t catch me with those veiled half smiles.
Your borrowed brilliance exposes you.
I know your darker side.
Go charm some other star struck rhapsodist.

editors note:

This poet is not stricken by her stark beauty, not duped by her dark side. I, in the meantime, cannot take my eyes away. I know her half-smiles must be for me. – mh