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Never judge a book by its cover. I learned this from a small incident that would almost disappear into the shadows of history, were it not for the power of memory that can’t help wanting to retrieve it, and others like it, and, too often, does. I was a handsome guitarist in a late-teens, 20’s and 30’s bar called the …

i do not want to lose

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my keys
my mind
my favorite trapeze
a guitar string
the warmth of coffee
friends of the past
nor my coat
nor my hat
in the snowy blizzards
nor the functioning of
the a.c. in the summer
the buttons to my shirt
nor the hair on my head
loved ones

the one
that doesn’t
budge: weight.

editors note:

An endless conundrum; let go, hold on. – mh clay

Internet Dating

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Mick went out that evening. There was the Purity Restaurant over on 7th Street and 7th Avenue. Mick was a little down on his luck, figured 7, 11…dice, numbers like that. Walked into The Purity. The place used to be owned by a couple of Greeks and is now owned by a couple of Italians. It also relocated from Union …

starbucks coffee brands

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bold is stronger
less caffeine as
the roasting burns
the buzz.
pike is a stronger
less roast
preservation weakens
so you
get a nice high typing
in the morning if you
arrange your sequence
at a reasonable
price too, without
the cabal murdering you.

editors note:

The price we pay for free wifi. – mh clay

For Rosealie

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Outside, the chair was right in front of the building, and they were drinking rotgut wine. I noticed two Latinos and a West Indian with one of those high caps with yellow, green and red swirls. One of the Latinos wore a waist length, brown army jacket. The third guy was in a big, overstuffed armchair, springs splitting through. He …


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this poem’s not going down
the way it’s supposed to be.

your reaction will probably
not be
the way it’s supposed to be.

my life is not
the way
it’s supposed to be.

my job…

the moment is not
the way
it’s supposed
to be.

my meditation is never
the way

it’s supposed to be.
every rule i read in a
book. they never apply to me –

they’re not the way they’re
supposed to be.

the food,
the drink,
the air
are not the way
they’re supposed to be.

agreements are not the way
they’re supposed to be.

expectations are
never, never, never the way
they’re supposed to be.

anticipated fun – they’re

not the way they’re supposed to be.

whoever made up these pictures
sure didn’t do it
the way
he’s supposed to be.

and yet
everything’s perfect
because nothing is the way
it’s supposed to be.

and THAT’S the way
it’s supposed to be

editors note:

We suppose so… – mh clay

King of the Nighttime

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Nick was in the bedroom, occupied with a musical question. He held a red, Guild Sunburst acoustic guitar. Nick was a musician, and contributed to the support of the small family, along with Donna, the wife. She worked mornings as a kindergarten teacher in a private school. The school was one block east, on Utica Avenue. They were on East …


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haiku 1

there are few noises
sweeter than a car alarm
shutting itself off.

haiku 2

a single poem:
you are as rare as a day
in dark alaska.

editors note:

Sweet relief, the first. Erstwhile love comes, the second. We say “Thanks!” to Carl. – mh clay


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Frankie Mann operated a small, Brooklyn music office. He often hired a junkie sax player named Freddie. Frankie’s father, Mambo, was a gangster down in Florida. He financed Frankie as a front. He also used a fat singer named Peter Vallone, who told jokes, usually with an Italian accent. Now Doctor Frankel stared kindly at Brown. Frankel sat erect in …


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creating it is always

talking about it is always

editors note:

Still, a breath mint before speaking attempts the illusion. – mh clay