Haiku Exotica

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Silent empty branches!
A snowy white owl
swoops up the mouse.
An angel’s aura.
Sleeps naked pretending
on Satin sheets.

She undresses me!
With golden brown eyes
spooning with mine.

Soft wet kisses.
Harmonic pulse beats
hearts entwine.
Softly nibbling!
Caressing nipples
she sighs.

Tropical heat wave!
Pheromones surging

Burning passion!
Feeling cock-a-do-a-do-do
in-her thighs.

Swollen clitoris!
Naked truth enthroned
in a bushel.
Pan’s Flute!
Playful musical notes

Tumbling and Heaving
Into Ecstasy.

Fantasy or Delight?
Wondering what thing
You have spied, this night?

editors note:

What a hoot! A hot haiku hopscotch! (Did he say “Hoot” ? Heads down! Owl’s on the prowl!) – mh


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Bended spoon, unwinding
twisted folk, bowing
soothing, crooning
Orbing sound rebounding

Creating space
Sacred One Opening


Heart Bouncing
across oceans beyond infinite
waves of consciousness

Love Echoing
throughout here and now
within this heart.


editors note:

We twisted folk can relax in this echo and bounce. Peace for all, indeed! – mh

What is Truth?

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How can anyone know it?
The moment you speak about it,
the words miss their target, run aground
and turn up late.
Why? Cause like all language, mathematic and scientific endeavors
“the map is not the territory”.
Spoken words are just mental reflections of our own perceptual bias
based upon a memory of truth that occurred a moment ago.
At best, we can only say one thing for certain;
we give witness to truth in every breath we share.
So be mindful in the moment. Be a blessing.

editors note:

It’s a cheap question if used to wash ones hands. Better to bless, yes! – mh

Magic Beneath My Pillow

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Lost in a dark dreamscape
amidst an evil storm
doors slamming shut
Wailing and tearful laments
Dad and Mom raging at each other.

I reached beneath my pillow
and clutched a small
marble elephant.

My Guardian Spirit, My Elephant
Totem warrior rose up within my dream
and moved to protect me from my foes.
Up on her hind quarters
swinging tusks high in the air
Stomping and shaking the earth
bellowing out a loud continuous voice.

Calling forth kindred spirits
from the four corners
heaven’s foot soldiers.

Seven tall spirits of royalty
Dressed all in purple
mounted the hilltop
Calling down a storm
on all my enemies
Pounding a sonic wave
that crushed their ear drums.

Then my elephant warrior
my soul’s true protector
Stood tall against all my errant
thoughts and discordant emotions
and claimed victory as I watched
Evil coil back into its shadows
yielding to the advancing
Armies of God’s Angels.

Then a restful sleep
finally came to me
As I listened to
distant Tibetan monks
chanting and singing
along with
their triumphant
bells and horns
Love’s healing stream

A Beautiful Vision

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I awakened within a dream
Watching a little girl with
golden blond hair and blue eyes
playing with her dolls
growing up in a new home
living with a new family

A joy born deep within
my heart, opened
straight out of my chest
as I recognized
She is my Mother
All Happy Again

The Roulette Wheel

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I put my hands into a mental box
A Golden Pyramid opened between my
eye brows and winked at me with a
one quarter turn

The North American continent
opened up beneath me
So I asked for help:

“Where do I need to go?”

“What do I need to know?”

“Protect and Guide me”.

Beneath me . . .
Two dim lights switched on
Looking more like pins
stuck into a Global Map
beneath the horizon

One light was Chicago
the other was New Orleans

So I refocused my intention:

“I am looking for a lifetime
that glows brighter than these
two put together”

I then reached out with my
transparent hands and took hold
of the Earth’s mantle
and pulled her face toward me
a gentle one quarter turn

The night scape of the Europe coast line
came into view and Paris, France
glowed brightly like a harvest moon

I settled down alongside the shadows
of the Eiffel Tower and begun walking
along the cobble stones of the urban city
looking for a residence of gentry

I was about to knock at a door
When I hesitated
I found myself instead musing
wondering about who lived
in this grand old house?

“Time Lord” I asked
“what year is this?”

My answer came in the form of
a spinning roulette wheel
and a bouncing ball
that fail out and stopped
in a slot that read 19 hundred and 12
Written in Gold Letters

Then I was mentally transported
into a dark forest, I was walking along path
that led off into the woods
toward a country Chateau

On my way through the night’s shadows
A small explosion
a bolt of white light
over took me

That is when I found myself
propped up in bed
being trended to
by a madame
a mistress
whom I don’t recall
whom I am greatly
thankful to

I spent my last
few breaths alone
until the pain
and suffering
from my deep
chest wound
was no more

After a few moments
I was moved beyond this
space and time
and taken to a cloud
for rejuvenation

Another moment past
And I found myself seated
on a park bench in
a vast open garden
It was welcoming in every detail
Rolls of flowers was
cut through by a cobble stone path
Their blooms were all
open to the light

To my left
walking toward me was
My Time Lord . . .
I recognized the old man,
he was dressed in his usual
turn of the century
brown suit and coat
and was wearing an aura
glowing white hair and indigo eyes

He took hold of my hands
and placed his forehead onto mine

Then I awakened seeing
concentric rippling
waves of light
moving between us

se à la vie

Keeping Austin Weird

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Late last year
While walking down 6th Street

Sight seeing like a tourist
mingling among all the
Intoxicated College Kids
White Haired Retirees
all the Honky Tonk, Rock ‘N’ Bars
and Neon Lights

I met a Tattoo Voodoo Woman
Wearing Mid Thigh High Heeled
Black Leather Boots
Short Skirt and Top

Her dread locked
Gothic Hair was long
A Youthful 5’ and 9” Tall
Hot and Exotic

She was out on the sidewalk
taking her little taco bell dog
for a walk

What caught
my roaming eye
was the Dragon Tat
that Swirled up
her inner thigh
beneath her skirt
and reappeared
around her navel
then it moved
up her mid drift
and torso to
her left shoulder
where it crossed over
her neck and out
from under the
left ear and
and onto her face

Her face!
a greek goddess!
with an alien
not of this world

As if she heard me thinking
she turned and looked
straight into me
Soul Gazed Me
with a spell
of some kind . . .

. . . the rest of this tale?
is locked away – right here
Here in a file entitled

PRIVATE, None of
your business

But I can, I can
tell this much . . .

. . . I did my part
to keep Austin
Weird under
these dubious stars

My Nephew

October 8, 2008  :: 0 comments

Young man
Drove off a narrow road
Unfettered at last
Finally at peace
No bondage
No dependency
Calm as the misty
dew morn

Heavens’ perfect
Round transparency
Boundless across
the clear sky home
Song to him before
As he crossed over

Love’s sweet song
of eternal truth
Echoed acrossed
the canyon walls
And raindrops
on a river streams

Awakened his soul
from its deep slumber
into the harvest
of a new day born

– Claude Barrett – June 2007

L’Chaim – To Life?

October 8, 2008  :: 0 comments

I screamed in agony and despair;
I felt so horror-stuck, alone!
Overwhelmed with the grief and the loss!

I wanted so much to be held again
to tell my girl friend – that I love her
that I didn’t mean all those hateful and nasty things
that I had said to her on the cell phone

Instead, I was closed up inside a stainless steel cabinet drawer
and labeled – “Traffic Fatality – Alcoholic Intoxication”!

The night I died, I was driving too fast on a dark country road.
Oh, how I wish I had a friend who had taken my keys, or someone
– who – I could have called – for a ride home.

The deer caught in my headlights was the last thing I saw
That’s when I drove off the road – My car struck a group of trees!

The deafening sound of the crushing car, as metal folded in on itself
never registered in my brain. The car’s engine falling into my lap
and severing my spine, should have been enough to sober me up!

I only realized what had happened when I looked down
and saw the gushing blood escaping from a deep abdominal wound.

When the cops found me two hours later
and pulled the sheet over my head, I screamed; I am not dead!
Call an ambulance; get this fucking engine off my legs!

But after another 2 hours, when the firemen finished cutting open the car
and had pulled my broken body out – I realized there was no going back.
It was all over!

My Dad had to identify me; he held up pretty well
considering what had happened; Dad only past out twice.

When I arrived at the morgue, my brother froze up;
he couldn’t bring himself to look at me.

My mom, she couldn’t stop sobbing.
I just wanted so much to wake up and tell everyone that I was alright!

At the funeral, was when I decided, that I really wanted to live!

Please God, I will be more careful, loving and kind,
even with myself. Please God, give me another chance,
I am only 29 years of age, and I had my whole life ahead of me.

I love my life, please God, give one more chance! Please!

– Claude Barrett – June 2007

Cracker Jack Kid

October 8, 2008  :: 0 comments

Grow Up!! Mom Screamed
as she threw another dish
against the front door

I dropped my Cracker Jacks
and ran over and stood
in front of mom’s
next throw

MOM, that’s enough now!!
Put down the plate, before you hurt

She halted her rage
And began to cry
And then fainted
On the dining room floor

my Brother
and my baby Sister
run over to MOM
As I rushed out the door
Out into the street
and stopped DAD before he
put his car into gear
to leave

I pleaded with Him
“MOM has fainted!
You’ve got help . . . .
Oh Please . . . Come Back . . . .
DAD Don’t leave us!!”

HE rushed back
and held mom in his arms
Until she awoke
Or until the wounds healed
Or until the hurt sailed
Out into the open sea
You see, I Don’t Know!!

That day, I must have gone into shock
because the reason for the pain
that caused Mom’s rage
is still unknown to me
yet somehow the anger
of that day, I still hold

Oh, Yes – I do recall
That my cracker jack
days of being just a kid
were all over

I threw away my GI JOES
And my Hot Wheel Toys
Then I turned my toy box
Upside down and threw out
My Model Airplanes
my first editions
Superman, Batman
and MAD magazines
and I even gave away
my teddy bear
to the kid next door

I threw away my entire collection
of Autographed Photographs
My FAN CLUB memberships
from Bewitched
and even my Baseball cards
were trashed and gone forever!!

I threw ‘em all away
Cause I had to grow up
I had to grow up!!
And not be like
My father no more!

– Claude Barrett – March 2008