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Ouija penmanship        Tread onto                     Waiting taxi.
Stutters. Tealights        Fish entrails.                  Keys missing.
Jiggle.                                  Quayside hubbub.


Wiggly fang.                    Nowhere period.          Dislocated wig.
Chomp into                     Cold-shoulder               Squall twiddles
Liquorice.                         To horned Ear.


Itchy-leg sack                 Axe quarters                    Raw hernia.
Race. Decrepit               Logs. Brume                    Draggling braces.
Pea green                         Thickens.

editors note:

Describe, and ye shall be so described… – mh clay

“Putting You Through Now, Caller.” (48)

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“What irrelevant caveman was that?
Lips displayed for smooches
Or a pug-face?
I hooked Sheeran onto my Vespa,
Rubbed the gatepost.
Cloud-nine in azure-orbit eyes.”

“Fitting treatment monkey brat.
Lug it all home.”

editors note:

Would you reap relevance? Like what you lug. – mh clay

Stagecraft At The Temple

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Our guru cyclones in –
Pantomime dame falsies,
Snazzy banana ear-rings.
We’re alert or lie-abed,
By calibre, disembarrassed souls.
Headway is fundamentally a pose.

editors note: And the best showbiz is beatitude. – mh clay


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Noting your fascist quirks
Are repeatedly unstomached?
(Hitler bowtied.)
Disguise em
With our Mickey Mouse get-up.
(Treblinka, Christmas lights.)

Copycat Walt,
To sugar any backlash.

editors note:

Astute advice for any apolitical boob. (And a “Welcome back!” to Christopher, too. He has returned to the riotous ranks of our Contributing Poets with this submission. You can see his page again here.) – mh clay

Patchouli Gore

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Humbugging commune in Flakyville Desert.
Blabbing through imprisoning screen door,
Lord Kitchener ill-omened the postman.
A tiptoed suspicion of peripheral affairs.
They regressed into a Cinerama El Dorado.
Charles Manson, talisman for fruit-cakery,
Ensnared delirium.
A no-voice chant radiated into sand:
Your mind needs you.

editors note:

Yes, it does. Join today! (With this submission, we welcome Christopher to our crazy conclave of Contributing Poets. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out!) – mh clay

Fun Nor Fair

June 2, 2014  :: 0 comments

Scorn’s a contrivance that ticks.

“With an hour of free time,
Three balls and these instructions”

The skittle-alley’s polonaise is sheeny as varnish
On bubblecars going crewless.

“Juggling has been touted
As a great stress reliever”

Air-pocket pay-scales would debt me an hour,
Rundling supplied by gears, bobbing,
The bus home – just…

“Throw a ball
In a gentle arc”

*Celebrating 50 Years In Recruitment
Job Title: Assembly Operatives
Details: Assembly Experience Is Essential,
Preferably Within The Automotive Industry.
Pay Rate: £6.68 Per Hour.

QUOTES: Juggling Poet

editors note:

Develop those skills. Perfect your craft. Get ahead or fall behind… – mh clay


January 24, 2012  :: 0 comments

Unblurred to one and all
spoiled bodies
ridden by each-word-a-blow tempers,
thundering outhouse, porch and stairway.

When they’re unlatched
ringside seaters squinny.
He swigs hold-and-corner methadone
backstage of bins
while she drags the truth of her face
into see-red mania.

editors note:

No need to don your magnifiers to see this bit of
relational hide-and-seek, the poet makes it perfectly clear. – mh clay