Shared Ecstasy

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The ancient Greeks relied on
the many uses of ecstasy.
It brought lovers together
erasing boundaries of bodies
fostering intimacy and trust.
It brought the gods closer.
It brought flashing-thighed
Aphrodite, Eros, the persuader,
and the trickster Dionysos
inside a lover’s body
possessing the will
forcing every lover to yearn
for desires beyond reason.
Also, the ancient Greeks believed
that ecstasy could cure
the most pathological madness.
For such a case, the Corybantes,
a troop of fierce fighters,
would be called to dance
frenetically in a circle for hours
around the suffering patient
to the haunting flute’s melody.
The menacing Corybantes
would dance in full armor
leaping wildly through the air in a trance
clashing their shields with spears
making threatening gestures
with their razor-sharp swords
and screaming invectives
as if they were berserk
for the blood of the enemy
until with all their rhythmic swaying
and with all their frenzied whirling
madness was healed
through a shared ecstasy.

editors note:

Instead of a singing telegram, send the Corybantes to your troubled friends or family members. Madness healed. – mh clay

Variations of a Straight Line

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after a photograph by John Santerineross

Night is a wine that always
tastes of kisses.

Night is a promise
that only nakedness sustains.

Night is a cormorant diving deeper
into a turbulent river.

Night is the seventh tarot card
still wavering in your hand.

Night is the incomprehensible
solitude of lightning.

Night is an evanescent smile
passing like a streaking spark.

Night is a mirror of shadows
only breathing your hair.

editors note:

A fickle femme to sustain you through to sunrise, if you’re lucky. (See the pic which inspired this bit of ekphrasis here.) – mh clay

Tree of Eros

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after a painting by Skaii de Vega

One kiss was trying to catch another
as every pore of your skin
opened like a threaded needle.

One leg was twisting upward
to where dawn still sang
through your swirling hair.

Whatever the thunder healed,
lightning suddenly
split asunder again.

Whatever nakedness promised,
your body offered
with the startling
persistence of silk.

Each leaf first perceived
the blending of dreams
from the intimate waves
of your flexing thighs.

Each branch first sensed
the sap’s slow arousal
from your quivering flesh.

Each root first tasted the deep earth
from the shadow’s sleek pathway
between your steep breasts.

One kiss was trying to catch another
across your body’s anchor
of moonlight.

editors note:

A fantastic (erotic) ekphrastic, inspired by The Tree of Eros. See it here. – mh clay

Magnetized by Nakedness

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I dreamed the daylight
back into your hair
during those frenzied hours
when our bodies
were magnetized
by nakedness.

Restless as the turning tide’s
balance of wonder and uncertainty,
just for a moment again
my life drifted aimlessly
like a slippery kiss gliding
between your sunburnt shoulders.

While I dreamed the daylight
back into your hair
stunned as lake water staring
into the moon’s luminous oarlock,
I remembered only
that lingering goodbye
like a kite of sand
dissolving into the wind.

editors note:

If that’s goodbye, I’d love to see hello. – mh clay

The Smile in Light

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When sleep floats your body
to the surface of the well,
you must follow wherever
silk leads your hands.
Tenderness spills against you
again like jars of tiny beads
pouring over your skin.
And your flesh welcomes
the quickening pleasures
with a hammock’s open embrace.
And the smile in light
at last returns to your eyes,
as you drift closer and closer
to the wind chimes of a name.

editors note:

So sweet; the moment before sleeping, the moment before waking. – mh clay

Fleeting Things

June 16, 2014  :: 0 comments

Something you lost
along the way
keeps you wandering
these back roads aimlessly.
Now only traveling
evokes that giddy feeling
of constant expectation
during those days long gone
before fleeting things
moved you more
than nakedness.

The Spell of the Senses

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Grief distracts you
like a grocery cart
dragging one rear wheel.
You’ve forgotten
the spell of the senses.
But one whiff of a dark
purple hyacinth
forces you to forget
all of winter’s fury,
or the long wail of a lost child
crying uncontrollably
focuses your attention
like a black hearse passing,
or the touch of a tongue-tip
twirling around a lover’s nipple
returns you to this evanescent
body of whispers,
where every caress
celebrating the flesh
leaves a trail of tingling.

editors note:

Oh, yes! That “tingling trail” ever taints our perceptions of reality. – mh

The Shower

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The first time you pulled me
into your steaming shower
with only the hot water streaming,
I thought our bodies would be scalded.

But with your flesh pressed against mine,
the pain dissolved as my hands explored
your skin that was pale as fog
rising just to the cliff edge.

Holding your slippery body,
my mouth found yours
under the steaming spray,
and your kiss soothed the heat
out of my skin like flames licked by rain.

Now when I need to remember you,
I stand in the shower under the hottest setting,
and in the gushing, burning surge,
I can feel you once again
pressed against me like roots
suddenly tightening in a tree
split by lightning.

editors note:

Why quell it, unrequited, in a cold one? Heat it up, relive the lust to not feel alone. – mh

Weaving the Light in His Dream with Your Shadow

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Place a tulip bulb under your pillow
and sleep on it till you dream of lovemaking.
Then plant it in five handfuls of soil
gathered from beneath your lover’s footprints.
Collect raindrops that have dripped
from the branches of a cherry tree.
Pour that rainwater over the bulb through a ring
that you wear or have worn in the past saying,
“I ask water to touch his lips with my thirst,
I ask fire to weave the light in his dreams with my shadow,
I ask earth to grind his nakedness against mine like an avalanche,
I ask air to tempt him with the whispered kiss of my perfume.”
When the tulip blossoms, crush the flower
against your breasts and nape and wrists and hips.
He will find you waiting at midnight
mistaking your body for his bedspread,
your hair for his mirror,
your hands for his cup,
and your smile for his moonlight.

editors note:

If this had been the method for Mary, she wouldn’t have been nearly so contrary. – mh


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Aroused during lovemaking,
Trobriand Islanders snap their teeth
and nip at their lover’s nose and chin.
As their passion mounts,
they bite cheeks and lips
wildly until they bleed.
Then at the moment of orgasm,
they chew off each others eyelashes.

editors note:

Instead of wine and roses, these girls respond to cotton balls and triple antibiotic ointment – a real turn-on! – mh