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When they first came, they seemed almost an answer to prayer. They were smaller than us and thin. They had mouths, but never smiled. Their eyes were much bigger than ours. They seldom blinked. They wore one piece outfits made from some type of blue material. They spoke without opening their mouths, using telepathy. They communicated effectively with us, letting …

The Sun of Righteous

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Dark clouds gather at sunset,
This day nearly done,
In a world gone mad,
we still have hope,
As we wait for the righteous Sun.

editors note:

With clouds like these, what sun you see will righteous be. – mh clay


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Remember lying on the earth,
Looking up at the stars in the sky,
Amazed at the wonder of it all,
Thrilled to be alive…
Questioning the meaning of the light that filled your eyes,
Wondering if other worlds were out there,
Somewhere in the night,
Talking until the stars disappeared,
About countless wonders untold,
Believing we had eternity,
To watch it all unfold.

editors note:

…until eternity has us. – mh clay

The Line

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It was the summer of 1977. I was on strike. I worked at a soybean processing plant and though I didn’t know it then, it was on the verge of being sold because the owners had made a deal with the buyers that would benefit them both greatly. I had just been divorced and had no savings. I was staying …

Hemphill County in the Rearview

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My mom had called me earlier that day to let me know that my brother Randy had called her to let her know that he was in jail down in Texas. She also told me that dad was not going to bail him out. It seemed that both him and his friend Red had been charged with possession of marijuana. …

Living the Dream

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I once worked as the night shift charge nurse for Oak Street Care Center. The hospital where I worked prior to that went bankrupt. So I took the job at the Care Center, a skilled nursing home in my own town. I had been nursing for 13 years by then. In that time I had seen a lot of changes …

Another Day

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When the birds first sing in the morning,
You look about the room
Where you lie.
Your first conscious thoughts,
Thoughts of wonder
And awe at being alive.
You are ecstatic with anticipation,
For the things that might
Come your way,
And with hope
You look to find beauty
In this gift of another day.

editors note:

A miracle made from our daily mundane. – mh clay

All There Was

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A moment in time
Brought me to a place,
Where beauty shined
Its light,
Illuminating everything,
And blending all into one.
No longer any division,
Between myself and everything.
No longer was there
This, or that,
But all was all in all.
Love was not a concept,
Love is all there was.

editors note:

Seeking that was to be our is. – mh clay

The Hotel Frasina

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There is only a parking lot now where the Hotel Frasina once stood on the corner, just off the square, in the little town where I grew up. It was first opened in 1893 under the name The Antlers. Then, in 1946, it was purchased by Dominic Frasina. He renamed it Hotel Frasina and remodeled the elegant dining room as …


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Dawn is at my window,
Treetops dance in light,
A robin’s song seduces me
With haunting sweet delight.
A dove calls
Someone loves you,
A sad and mournful sound,
A world comes into focus,
And enters into light,
And once again
Forgets the darkness of the night.

editors note:

A sweet awakening; from dark to light. – mh clay