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Drifting off to sleep again
In the middle of the afternoon
Had no time for lunch today
Just the time to smoke and think

The inevitable is coming
Sooner than I expected
But away I go to my favourite place
The Land of Nod

I love to sleep
It’s one of my favourite things
The dreams I can have
The rest I can get

Sleep really is my favourite thing
And my bed is my favourite place.

editors note:

Smoke and think about sleeping; sleep and dream about smoking. Hold off the inevitable… zzzzzzzzzzzzz. – mh


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This morning before I went out I sat in my flat
I listened to Jeffrey Lewis and lapped it up
He sang a song about going mad after one tab too much
I smoked a joint and thought it was fab
But now I can’t get the damn song out of my head
I just hope that he is a mighty fine fella cos
I feel like I may owe him money now
For the copyright infringement that I’ve done
By nicking this tune but changing the words
To become this poem you’ve just read

editors note:

One creative outburst is inspired by another, inspired by another, inspired by another, all the way back to the first. I hope god is a mighty fine fella, too. – mh

Turn on Switch Off

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You see it everyday on the street and on the transport system
Locked into their own little world, not caring or thinking about what is going on
I do it myself sometimes
If it makes me happy or blocks out some idiotic act why should I not bury myself away in a world
of my own making?

Football chants become eclipsed by Beach Boy meditation routines or punk rock expletives
I turn on and switch off to block out the boredom of everyday life but when will I be able to turn
on a different life altogether?

It’s when people make their private noise public that I get annoyed
If I wanted to listen to your rubbish music don’t you think I’d ask
If I wanted to know all the gossip from your life don’t you think I’d ask?
I would and you’d ignore me, claiming I was rude
Well why tell your friend on a train full of strangers
Can’t you wait ’til you get home??

© 2nd January 2008

editors note:

The repercussion of publicly displayed privacy is a poetically proscribed profile. – mh


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Hooray for I am here to destroy
This night of hi-jinx and tomfoolery
With my barbed criticisms of modern living
And tales of ordinary madness

I am the laureate of the under-class
Who has come to attack this galaxy of earths and stars
With words and actions of an inappropriate nature
The poet with the mostest!

editors note:

Yes! Mask this mundane miasma with words and actions of an inappropriate nature. It’s time to clear the air! – mh


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Picture yourself sitting indoors with the TV blaring
Whilst outside all around is carnage everywhere
The rioters loot from the shop downstairs and
You worry that your flat is going to go up in flames
Just how you’ve seen on the television screen

Lawrence is on the street with destruction in his mind
So far he’s got a facebook page dedicated to him
Despite the fact that no one knew it was him who
Millions saw trying to rip a plasma TV off in a betting shop

You’re sat in yr flat watching the TV news
Thinking this isn’t how the revolution should be
Gill-Scott would be turning in his grave
This was not how he pictured the revolution
To be, it was not about a consumerist binge

Lawrence is on the street with destruction in his mind
So far he’s got a Facebook page dedicated to him
And a burgeoning celebrity career once all this is done
Burn down this, steal that, this is his revolution

What we have to ask is what revolution is for?
The bettering of a single life or an improvement for all
We downtrodden masses don’t want plasma screen TV’s
We just want a fair system that won’t hold us back
From doing what it is that we truly want to do

editors note:

Discerning the thug from the true revolutionary? If it’s your TV that’s stolen, Lawrence is a thug! – mh


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I go home and I’m all alone
No one to greet me or tell me that they love me
My entire adult life has been like this
I spent all that time flitting from one room to another
And evidently they are all the same
Rented rooms

Acrid surfaces that haven’t been cleaned
Dirty carpets that are plain obscene
A lousy bed that I can’t get out of
An overloaded ashtray that says I haven’t got long
No space to feel at home
In rented rooms

Rented rooms are all the same
Whether you’re in New York, Frisco or even London town
They all seem designed for that lonely insecure man
Who has been driven slowly insane by the idea that he will never escape
A life in rented rooms

editors note:

I think my body is mine, owned outright; but one day the landlord will evict. Might as well let the ashtrays overflow. – mh


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I am the beast in the bar
The beast who drinks anything and everything
The beast who sits devouring whatever it is that comes my way
The beast inside takes control the more I drink for
I am the beast in the bar
The beast who repels women with my je ne sais quoi
I am the beast who simply can’t say no to a drink or the chance to get high
The beast that drinks just to get drunk
I am the beast who prowls the bar looking for cast-off drink and cast-off women for
I am the beast

editors note:

Stimulation of this alcohol economy by wholesale consumption of the drops and the dregs is just, I don’t know what, “Beastly.” Drink with dignity! – mh

Untouched by Madness

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Driven to the edge of insanity
Twenty years is too long to be doing this shit
I’m at the brink cos of all the drink and drug
There’s no way back from here
Just darkness and madness

I pity those I’m leaving behind
Those untouched by madness must get awfully bored
Can you think of a more depressing life
Than one without the magical twins of drink and drug
Just lightness and mundanity

editors note:

Sanity is under-appreciated without madness to provide stark contrast. The mad provide a public service for the sane – should be funded by our governments. – mh