Dark Fantasy

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All alone in a dark room –
I gather myself exhausted and tired
on to the bed placed in between two reflectors
sitting there
I look at the image on the left –
I wink
wink and wink and smile back
to please myself
I glance at the figure on the right –
it blinks
blinks and blinks back and frowns

editors note:

Wanderings in wonderland when bedded down with a smile and a frown. (Another of Aniruddha’s mad missives on his page; our common frustration – check it out.) – mh clay

An artist’s dilemma

May 1, 2015  :: 0 comments

His creativity –
with him
unexplored all these years
and when it erupted with a
big bang to rejoice living
he unfortunately has to –
shout at
slap it
murder and
bury it
forever –
to earn a living

Racial Colors

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…they came at the door rushing
in tens
tied me

poured cold colors
sprinkled murky water
bottled from common tap

laughed and yelled

united colors of India

come evening
they gathered all
except me
for a meaty meal

i asked
why am i not on the list

you are an outsider of other caste here
in came the answer

i said

you said

united colors of India
this noon

that was just for fun
you were a point of that

in spite of colors
we still are divided
you jerk

they yelled in chorus
and i died

a racial death

editors note:

A sick, insidious system; turns all colors gray, all hearts cold. (We welcome Aniruddha to our Contributing Poets with this submission.Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out!) – mh

Wings Wanted

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…lend me
your wings
for a day or two
little Munia

Let me too
like you
fly across skies
sit atop
broken roofs
flowering trees
whistle away signals of love
echoing empty airs

I promise
I shall return them
on return
if I ever do…

(Munia is a name usually given to a Mynah bird.)

editors note:

Keep’em. Fly away and talk, talk, talk… – mh

Winter winds

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Gusty winter wind sizzles,
pierces through –
flesh, veins,
and ruffles the bones,
making them shiver,
shout; to fizzle out.
Bloodstreams freeze,
heart longs,
beloved’s warm hug
wrecked body,
awaits snug of graves.

editors note:

These days, lately, we have to wear warm clothing or resort to grave fashion. – mh