Tribute to the Smoke Girl

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Between her white fingers
The soporific Marlboro
burns, burns

Staining her lips, eyes
soul, soul

And the puffs she inhales
Tow her beauty, age

Between her white fingers
Life turns to ash, ash

I stoop and amass her lips, eyes
soul, soul

And burn it at home


May 14, 2010  :: 0 comments

Not Hiroshima. Nor Nagasaki
A tender flower, serene rivulet
The soft glow of Moon
Yet it exploded

Massacring emotions
Rooting out love,

Your words like an atomic
Into this heart
Extinguishing smile,

And teardrops rained

I am the skeleton of love

Put me in your Museum
Visit my corpse
Each explosive decade…

Duet at Tinkune

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Dull, dull are the eyes
Of Tinkune

And the hearts worse
Than these dusty roads

And the voices more earsplitting
Than these tooting vehicles, yelling conductors

I remember you, your love for me
It’s never smooth, never fresh
A bumpy ride, knackered easily

Yet we love each other
Because we know bliss lies yonder

Dull, dull are the eyes
Of Tinkune

And we’re not of the same.


March 17, 2010  :: 0 comments

This wound
O’ foreign tongue
Licks me heartlessly,
I am squeezed like the sun
O’ autumnal winds,
This heart is in fire.

The Unknown Epitaph

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An invisible dagger
Like a noonday shadow
Imitates the staggering

The mind capsizes
In the flooded heart,
And the light o’ the eyes
Embraces the fading sun

Muse in Eve

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Two oranges


The face o’ a dying man
Raze the feverish bluish head

On the horizon
I attend their wounds


Jangling vandalism

Morning Madness

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Tectonic mind seesaws
Like a mad wild pig
Snortin’, gnawin’
Against the burnin’ pyre

A cold star
Plunges into the ash balls
And melts with the screaming sinews