Divine parallelism

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What I want is to hear
my heart beat like lusty fire
and see my fingers reach out
to touch your breath.

What I want is to embrace you,
and my feverish lips
to kiss you with urgency
like the desire of a storm —

beauty and passion erupts
like the rising sun.

editors note:

Where desire makes parallel lines  meet. – mh clay


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Cross-legged by the pond
where the world is quiet
enough to hear the caterpillars,
newly hatched,
munching leaves overhead.

I want to look inside you-
To see your mixture
of love and anger,
the deception residing there.

Your musky scent lingers
in my mind like rays of light;
I lean forward to see my face in the water.
There’s nothing in it
but yours.

No flame reflecting in our eyes.
Every comforting adventure
of skin on skin
will end –
As surely as summer does.

editors note:

When lover proves to be luster, only. – mh clay

The Garden of Wild Jasmine

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The past survives
in the sweet scented

She walks
under summer foliage.
White hair,
soft as the clouds.
Her features caught
in time’s net of wrinkles.
Warm remembrance
Memories roam,
in sunlight – a blue tit logged
all it saw.

Her search,
real or unreal is not known.
In the passing breeze,
rimmed with tears,
eloquent with pain,
perhaps, it is here –
in the thick softness
of greens,
flowers and soil,
like the end of a warm dream –
in the garden that breathes –
She wishes to enter
and disappear.

editors note:

All is memory, sweetly sustained; if only we could… – mh clay

Unbearable Affliction

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Two hundred and one flowers
fill the room,
incensed flames flicker.
An aching stillness hangs.
She longs to be elsewhere.

Warm breath creeps,
like the first time she danced
with her lover-
her soul ignites,
she pirouettes,
across the scuffed wooden floor.

Sweat on brow,
feverish perfumed passion,
fingers trace as if
unsighted and unsure.

she is peeled;
a promise to the night,
she arrives.
The Flower Duet ends.

Love fades…

But memories linger
like watchful ghosts.

editors note:

Dancing to the memory of love… – mh clay

The End

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I let you go without protest;
the room still smells of you,
a soft musky-floral scent.

I sit down on the sofa you were
sitting in. The fabric
still warm from your body.

I close my eyes.
xxxxxxYour face flashes,
then disappears.
When I open my eyes,
I see myself staring
at my reflection in the mirror;

Outside the night continues,
xxxxxxthe city
continues, but our world
starts to give way.
Our story stops now.

editors note:

The sweet, sad eternity twixt the end of a story and the turn of the page… – mh

The Soup and Him

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He hunches a little,
his elbows sit on the table,
holds the spoon
with his right hand,
eats soup in silence.

Several comings
and goings
of the spoon and lips,
with energy and zest,
until the bowl is empty.

Being with him
at this pub is a treat,
a moment so sacred,
the whispers of others
fade away. I wish I could place

my lips on his,
embrace him tightly in my arms,
cradle his head
against my breast,
I am half in love with him.

editors note:

A full bowl, emptied; a half love, filling. Carl Sandburg, eat your heart out! – mh


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My life is not prepared
for this uncertainty.
I am torn between
a veiled image of reality
and a dazzling
clear vision of him
spangling my heart.

I clasp him close to me,
searching for
a hint of our future,
I call for help in my thought,
but I have no answer.

Our lips meet
for how long,
I do not know.
I am led from lip
to undiscovered places,
through a sense of touch
to see beyond;

to something nebulous,
to something we crave,
to something exquisite
and uplifting-
beyond the hills,
the skies,
the seas.

I want to hold that kiss,
so nothing around us
can change.

editors note:

A sweet siren in search of sutra; it’s a cosmic kiss. – mh

A Good Student

December 6, 2013  :: 0 comments

Sean and Rose met in an online chat room. He proposed after their second in-person date, and she said yes. They honeymooned in Bali, and it was the most romantic setting either one had ever seen. One evening they watched the sunset at Tanah Lot Temple. After dark had fallen, they were entertained by the “Monkey Dance” performance with seventy …

A letter to Frank Weatherman

September 24, 2013  :: 0 comments

Dear Frank, How are you? I hope the journey was smooth for you. What is life in Okinawa like? The day you left, I thought the clouds were falling on me and the sun had vanished. My lonely self consumed by the weight of emptiness. One time I thought I was going blind from the cascading tears blurring my vision. …

Redolence of the Orator

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He inhabits the air
with energy and sensuality.

Words vibrate,
a great storyteller.

His voice ignites
like the scent of a storm.
Some listen, their mouths
gape wide, indelicately open.

I wonder what it is like
to sleep in the same bed,
to hear each other’s breathing,
to inhale the scents of each other,
to press my face beside his head,
and keep it there forever.

To ravish his intelligence,
to violate his vulnerability,

To tremble with unrestrained love,
the fullness of a woman’s pleasure,
as I’ve never had before.

Watching him,
I have no idea
if this is madness.

Fate can be magical,
left to chance.

His presence,
a recorded impression of words,
on my poetic memory.

I don’t know
if he has a sweetheart,
to ask would be pointless.

editors note:

Ah, to love a loud linguist from afar! – mh