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Howdy, Mad Swirlers!

MH here; checking in from The Netherlands, where I am attending the 46th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam. Thought I would share some impressions and offer some references; intended enrichment for all.

The Festival opens tonight with Reasons to be Cheerful; 19 poets to share their poems on the positive and powerful. There will be five days full of events to follow. I’ll note highlights to share later in the week. But, last night, the Festival offered a preview event; Poems on/as Film.

 This was remarkable; a real mind-feast for us who hunger for new ideas! Words and visuals entwined in amazing ways. After putting the scattered and shattered bits o’ my brain back together, I want to encourage all to find these poets/artists and their works:

  • Yanko Gonzalez; Poesia en Dialogo (you can find this on Youtube)
  • Laure Provoust; After After the End (featured here and at the International Film Festival Rotterdam last January)
  • Tonnus Oosterhoff; Lullaby & Unrest (read his article, Erasure and Destruction in the Digital Text, to learn a bit about his method – mesmerizing to watch on screen)
  • Gary Hawkins; Zero Irony (featured here and at the International Film Festival Rotterdam last January)

There were two special features this American monoglot was unable to understand; presented in German (with Dutch subtitles) and Dutch. However, the subjects are worthy of research for inquiring minds.

  • Alphabet of Fear by John Albert Jansen; on the life and work of German poet and Nobel Laureate, Herta Muller. She grew up in Romania under the shadow of Ceausescu with a father who worked for the Romanian SS.
  • A Portrait of Rogi Wieg; an intimate interview with Dutch poet, musician and artist Rogi Wieg by Peter Gielissen.

A special thanks to Friesian poet and friend, Tsead Bruinja, who introduced us to Poetry International, was instrumental in getting us entrance as a guest and who has graciously welcomed and assisted us while here in Rotterdam. Thanks, Tsead!

So, that’s the preliminary poop on this poetry pick-up. More to come from your erstwhile explorer and editor abroad …



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  1. Mad Mariner

    This is so magical, that we can ride the sojourn of out-of-our-world words with you and be the sated greedy flies on the wall of your heart. Thank you for sharing and I know your knowledge and insight will explode into stories for all to eat.


    Mad mariner
    aka…shite, you know, Rob

    1. Post
  2. Derrick Gaskin

    ‘American monoglot’ made me laugh! To be honest I’m just trying out my new user name and password but your Rotterdam trip – more like a Sabbatical? – is fascinating. The power of words is worldwide and sometimes not always put to good use but poets like you and the poets that you listen to are what the world needs right now. May the muse be with you.

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