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photo "Mother's Eye" (above) by Tyler Malone aka The Second Shooter




Human beings have shown themselves to be too stupid to govern themselves. They fall for the most outrageous lies and vote for candidates who are clearly unfit to govern. Our movement was started to protect people from themselves. We are the Deep State, the bureaucrats who actually make the government run. The movement is made up largely of androids and those human beings who are rational enough to recognize the danger we are in. Over the past six years we have been able to get our members into key positions in every government agency.

Just two years ago we were able to save democracy from President Parson’s attempt to destroy it. When Parsons tried to declare a state of emergency that would have suspended all civil rights, the members of the Deep State were able to stop him. Our people in crucial spots in the military, the intelligence services, the judiciary, and congressional support were able to roll back the state of emergency before it could take effect.

Up to now we have operated mostly from underground. Our members have leaked inside information to the press. We have ignored directives when we could or delayed them as long as we were able. We have purposely drafted proposed laws in a way that would cause them to be rejected on constitutional grounds. We have even created new laws ourselves without going through Congress.

President Talbot clearly did not learn anything from his predecessor’s impeachment. Just two weeks ago he proposed a News Media Commission. All news published would have to be approved by the commission. It would destroy the free press, and without a free press, democracy would be gone.

We are fighting to stop the News Media Commission before it starts, but just today, a new danger has arisen, a danger not just to democracy, but to civilization itself.

President Talbot has demanded that Pakistan turn over the military officers who he claims were responsible for the murder of an American diplomat, even though it is not at all clear that the officers in question had anything to do with the murder. All of the President’s demands have been issued through Twitter rather than through the State Department. Pakistan of course has responded that bowing to America’s demands would violate their independence. As the war of words has escalated, Pakistan is mobilizing its armed forces. If America makes any move to threaten Pakistan, Russia has promised come to Pakistan’s aid.
All three countries have atomic weapons. Leaks from inside the White House indicate that Talbot is prepared to use an atomic bomb against anyone who stands in the way.

The movement has been fighting to preserve democracy. Now a lot more is at stake. Up to this time we have been operating from the underground and in the shadows. What we are doing now will bring us partly into the light.

First of all, we have hacked Talbot’s Twitter account. We can prevent any further dangerous statements on Twitter. That of course will be noticed. So will our other actions. In effect we will take over the Government of the United States. Our people, both electronic and human, will direct the various governmental agencies, but we will not be in the limelight. We will allow the professional politicians to do their thing, to pontificate and pretend they know what they are doing.

We had not planned to do this for several years, but the situation with Pakistan makes it essential that we act immediately. Each of you has a special mission in this coup. Each mission has a backup in case the first person is not able to perform that assignment.

We will strike at 1800 hours, today, May 1. Do not fail. Civilization itself is at stake.

editors note:

Aristotle may have put it best when he said, “Life must imitate art because there is nothing true, other than our manifest emotion.” (drop the mic, fade to black & pray, pray, PRAY!) ~ johnny o

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