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Photo by Tyler Malone

Jacey: “Professor Trigger believes we can rediscover childhood through hypnosis.”

Bruce: “Pass the cheese puffs.”

Jacey: “Really! Reduced peripheral awareness and all that. Think of it! Back to diapers….”

Bruce: “Kidding me?”

Jacey: “No. Back to bullies….”

Bruce: “Who’d want…”

Jacey: “…and high school babes.”

Bruce: “Stoner. How’d you get into this school?”

Jacey: “Rich uncle. Big donations. Kidding. Good SATs. Don’t you want to be a state where you have enhanced capacity for response to suggestion?”

Bruce: “If you were a chick, maybe.”

Jacey: “Friend, I’m failing Psych 101. I need the extra credit.”

Bruce: “And which sister?”

Jacey: “For this package of brewskies?”

Bruce: “How? You’re also underage.”

Jacey: “Fraternity brother. Anyway, Doc Trigger said, in his last class, that by using a series of preliminary instructions….”

Bruce: “Can you guarantee the babes and not the diapers?”

Jacey: “… the subject will ignore all other aspects of his or her environment…”

Bruce: “Two packs.”

Jacey: “IOU on the second?”

Bruce: “Yup. Where’s the ‘psychiatrist couch?’”

Jacey: “My bed okay?”

Bruce: “If you clear the junk.”

Jacey: “Comfy?”

Bruce: “Smells like gym socks and worse.”

Jacey: “Look at this pendant.”

Bruce: “The yo-yo you’re holding or that goober half in your nose?”

Jacey: “Forget it. I’ll fail the course.”

Bruce: “I’m good, bro. Just goofing you.”

Jacey: “Forget the pendant. We’ll count numbers backwards. Try to get comfy.”

Bruce: “If not gym socks, then never mind. I’m good.”

Jacey: “One thousand and ten. One thousand and nine. One thousand and eight. One thousand and….”

Bruce: “Hold it! Ya gotta’ promise in case I go under that what you hear stays with you.”

Jacey: “And Trigger. One thousand and six. One thousand and five. One thousand and…”

Bruce: “This is stupid. There’s a hot girl in my calculus class. Why should I seek memories?”

Jacey: “Fish sticks! I need to pass this course to get into the premed track.”

Bruce: “You, a doctor?”

Jacey: “No, me a biochem major. The premed recitations are smaller.”

Bruce: “Dog!”

Jacey: “Let’s try something else. Relax your little finger. Relax your first finger. Relax your middle finger. Let the relaxation travel through your body. Soon, the placebo effect will make your entire corpus droop. You are getting sleepy…very sleepy.”

Bruce: “I am getting bored, very bored. I am drooped, though, if ya know what I mean.”

Jacey: “Please try. I really don’t want to flunk this course.”

Bruce: “One extra credit project will pull you over?”

Jacey: “I hope so.”

Bruce: “What’s Trigger’s specialty, anyway?”

Jacey: “Environmental Psychology. His emphasis is institutional settings. He’s fascinated with military bunkers, hotel lobbies, and dorm rooms.”

Bruce: “You’ve been set up.”

Jacey: “Says you and who?”

Bruce: “Never mind. Let’s get back to sleepy-bye.”

Jacey: “Whatever. Think of water.”

Bruce: “Down the hall?”

Jacey: “Last door.”

Bruce: “Back in a minute.”

(two minutes later)

Jacey: “Just get comfy. Think of water.”

Bruce: “So, do I want to know the source of this smell?”

Jacey: “You are a drop cascading over a fall.”

Bruce: “Huh? Last time, you used big words like placebo effect and corpus.”

Jacey: “Think of other water…a river in the woods. The sunlight glistens on the water. Every time you hear the word ‘urp’ you will wake.”

Bruce: “’Burp?’”

Jacey: “‘Urp.’ Blue water. Crystal clear.…”

Bruce: “That’s cliché.”

Jacey: “Crystal clear water. The sunlight is refracting into a million pieces. The water is slowly moving. The sunlight on the river is gleaming. Where is the sunlight?”

Bruce (sleepy): “On the water.”

Jacey: “Where is the water?”

Bruce: ‘The river behind my house.”

Jacey: “Tell me.”

Bruce: “The river Tanya.”

Jacey: “The River Tanya?”

Bruce: “No, the river, Tanya.”

Jacey: “Is there rain?”

Bruce: “See, yourself.”

Jacey: “I see you.”

Bruce: “I see you and the sun. It’s hot.”

Jacey: “Are we alone?”

Bruce: “Yup. Lost Nicki.”

Jacey: “Nicki?”

Bruce: “My little brother. What’s with you? Nicki and Sheep, my dog, always follow us.”

Jacey: “Sheep?”

Bruce: “Tanya, you okay?”

Jacey: “I’m good. Look into the water. Look into the deep, clear water. Look at the sunshine on the water. It’s a hot day.”

Bruce: “I already told you I’m hot.”

Jacey: “How old are you?”

Bruce: “Nine, Tanya, like you. Sure you’re okay? Maybe we should find your mom.”

Jacey: “I’m good. How old is Sheep?”

Bruce: “Three. You like him, you know.”

Jacey: “Sheep is three. The water is blue. The sun shines on the water. You are nine. You are eight. You are seven. You are six. How old are you?”

Bruce (in high-pitched, childish voice): “Six.”

Jacey: “What’s your name?”

Bruce: “Brucy.”

Jacey: “How old are you?”

Bruce: “Six and a half!”

Jacey: “Where’s your dog?”

Bruce: “Here, silly.”

Jacey: “Sheep?”

Bruce: “No, Ralphy. He’s my dog, silly.”

Jacey: “How old?”

Bruce: “Very old.”

Jacey: “Does he like the river?”

Bruce: “Yup. Dad’s afraid he’ll drown.”

Jacey: “In the river. The river is blue. The river is cold. Sun shines on the water. You are six and one half. Now seven. Now eight. Now nine. Now ten. Now eleven. Now twelve. Do you have a dog?”

Bruce: “Sheep.”

Jacey: “Hug Sheep.”

Bruce: “Okay.”

Jacey: “Urp.”

Bruce: “You’re excused. Can we start already? I am so bored.”

Jacey: “Were Ralphy or Sheep big dogs or small ones?”

Bruce: “Dog Master! You did it!”

Jacey (pats cell phone in pocket): “Recorded for Trigger, too. Passing grade, come to Daddy!”

Bruce: “Good luck, bro.”

(Later, in a cafeteria)

Ralphy: “You didn’t?”

Bruce: “I love him like a cousin.”

Ralphy (chortles): “Queer cousin?”

Bruce: “My fist, your face. It’s a date.”

Ralphy: “Tell me again about the dogs. You’re genius. Should be a marketing major.”

Bruce (shrugs): “Already am. Buy me another hot chocolate.”

Ralphy: “Deal.”

Bruce: “The useless, stupid dog died. Drowned in the river. The newer, smarter pup lived to great advantage like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Ralphy: “Did you give them names?”

Bruce: “Nope.”

editors note:

What the most valuable thing about yourself? It’s what’s inside, down deep and way back in the past. Moments not even remembered, but places we go each time we close our eyes. – tyler malone

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