Mad Swirl is proud to introduce to you the colorfully disturbing and beautiful works of our Visual Editor, Madelyn Olson. Some might know Madelyn from her editorial comments right here in this very land of the Mad Gallery. Others might know her as the emerging and prolific artist that she is blossoming in to. I know her as my kiddo, my daughter, my friend, my inspiration. What can a Daddy say about his offspring that doesn’t come off as favoritism with a dash of nepotism? Not much… that is until you see her paintings! Somewhere in the depths of Madelyn’s psyche she has created a cast of characters that are simultaneously grotesque and divine. Look deeply into the twisted eyes (some may be blacked out, others may have more than two) of each of her subjects and there you’ll find a story to be told. What some of these quixotic subjects have to say may not be what you want to hear but you just can’t help yourself from listening. Find out exactly what I mean. Take a look… a deep and searching gander… and tell us what you see/hear/feel when you trip on into the land of Madelyn’s works. – Johnny O