We proudly welcome back the madly talented Jon Marquette to our Gallery for a record breaking 4th time. This time around his works come to us all the way from Hungary! Through four runs with this expatriate madman, Jon’s evolving gift has the ability to hold our attention and keep us mystified through ever-changing shapes, colors and styles. Would you believe Jon was color-blind with the way he makes reds and blues pop off the canvas with such purposeful intensity? He never ceases to astound us with new and innovative works. We’re not alone in our appreciation either – Marquette’s work has been featured in gallery’s all over the US and now, in Europe. We think it goes without saying… if you haven’t seen ’em before, you ought to see ’em now. If we were one for jumping on bandwagons we’d say the Jon Marquette Gallery has no maximum capacity. All aboard! –┬ámadelyn olson

Vista — Jon Marquette

Depot — Jon Marquette

Amy — Jon Marquette

Cathy — Jon Marquette

Apu — Jon Marquette