Some of you might recognize the name of this month’s featured visual artist from his poetry prowess. Others from his short story wow-ness. And still others from his editing editorial-ness. Well this month’s featured artist, Tyler Malone, also happens to be the dude we here at Mad Swirl know and love. When this talented mo’fo’ started snapping pics all around his town of Georgetown, Texas, we knew it was just a matter of time (and gathering a HUGE number of eye-popping photos) before he would grace our Mad Gallery walls. After hiding behind his photog persona of The Second Shooter, we thought it due time to out him. Our beloved short-story editor (and long-time contributing poet and writer) Tyler Malone has hit the Mad Swirl trifecta! This mad man’s talent doesn’t stop at his borderline logophilia. Tyler’s photographs of otherwise mundane sights – a silent sentinel shack, for example – are taken in such a unique way that they sneak up on you. Clouds captured in such an intriguing light, you almost feel chilled to the bone just looking at them, and left wondering how on earth did he do that. Bottomless talent? A God-given gift? A sharp eye for the divine? You be the judge. – madelyn olson