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“A poet is, before anything else,
a person who is passionately in love with language.”
W. H. Auden

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Muon neutrinos time of flight, (Einsteinian anomaly)…
Particles that outpace light, upending relativity, (ahem)…

Not so fast— lest we should be overawed,
Humans are human… some data are flawed.
Facts can turn fictional, rendered unsound.
Researchers research for findings unfound…


We dance our physics dance and ponder—
On and on presumptions wander—
As we wonder here and yonder…

Might we travel time’s trapeze,
Sail dimensions like a breeze,
Go before we came with ease?

Yet though unfathomed wisdom’s sought,
How can we know beyond our thought?
Infinity eludes us— still,
Finiteness is a bitter pill.

We theorize to the skies,
Plumb the depths where insight lies—
But we see with earthly eyes,
And this cuts us down to size.

So we take our measurements
And scan the score.
Then what’s proven true is true…
Unless there’s more…

- Harley White

(1poem added 02.27.15)

editor's note: Yup! It is a bitter pill, indeed! - mh


Gramps Is Still Nuts about Granny

Granny wants to go to a movie
back in the old neighborhood
where she and Gramps used to
neck in high school but Gramps

doesn't want to drive that far
and tells Granny he’ll go if she sits
in the balcony and wears a skirt
he can slide his hand under

during the Coming Attractions.
Granny asks Gramps if he isn’t
a little old for that kind of thing
and Gramps says he’d rather put

his head under there and let Granny
box his ears with her thighs
and listen to his sighs as he harvests
fruit still ripe in the orchard.

- Donal Mahoney

(1 poem added 02.26.15)

editor's note: Go, Gramps! Up for a balcony bounce and a hip-thrusting harvest. Come again? - mh


Entertainment Services by Everafter

We’ll go round like this forever
She said
She Said
This is dancing
And quickly took to the ground
Opine and flailing

- Steven Minchin

(1 poem added 02.25.15)

editor's note: A sweetheart subjected to samba and seizure. - mh



Shed a tear
Over you
couldn't figure
Mine I heard
Was said
where the heart
Would lie
Could I feel
Cheek crawling tears
For a moment
Who knew
I too
Were human
God knows
I fell
In love

- Mahabba Alhaushabi

(added 02.24.15)

editor's note: Irony in romance; absence makes the heart grow empty. - mh



I threw away college
page by page into the bin
but keeping the pages intact
knowing full well some poor
boy at his father’s vendor stall
will probably use them to wrap
his future in them for thirty rupees
per burger and a guesstimated half
a dozen fries.

- Sheikha A.

(1 poem added 02.23.15)

editor's note: Fast-food diplomacy; the triumph of higher education. - mh


The Nocturnal Habits of Rocks

If rocks are
nocturnal creatures,
as I suspect,
wouldn’t I have seen
them drag-rolling
down the strip?
Or spray painting
new faces
on their cousin
the brick?
Or launching themselves
through plate glass windows
after having had
too much to drink?
Or peeing
in mailboxes,
yelling out,
“Special Delivery!” ?

So, having witnessed
none of this,
I can only assume that
they’re too slick
for us humans
to view their
night time habits,
just like screaming trees.

- Scott Wozniak

(added 02.22.15)

editor's note: I have seen a stone's throw, but that was in broad daylight. - mh



Stretched into the night then twisted by the
Sun. In the early hours and at first light
Nightmares dance as one, accepting this life
As flowers fade and petals fall from sight.
Some seeds will live beneath these autumn dreams –
Small weeds are we, some with a tall belief:
To not believe each soul will die alone,
Separated by that eternal thief.
He takes without remorse, his conscience clear,
There is no force, no dragging by the neck,
It’s timed by that quick moment in the womb.
No master dealing cards in this stacked deck:
Each of those rich shadows bestowed at birth
Will be eclipsed by a spin of the Earth.

- Derrick Gaskin

(2 poems added 02.21.15)

editor's note: Stand in the shadow of our tall belief; together forever, if not here, then... (Another one from Del on his page; brief as a butterfly kiss - check it out!) - mh

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