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“Pain is filtered in a poem so that it becomes finally, in the end, pleasure.”
Mark Strand

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Millions of stars, millions of nights showerfall,
cascading down intoxicating you with light.
Your eyes pulled to those rapidly gathering them up,
shoving them in baskets, stuffing pockets.
The big ones - shiny ones - ones that sparkle bright.
Which is mine?
Darting, grabbing, stealing all around, their drunken greed
hungrily fed - frenzy - leaving you lost.
Silence sleeps.

The stars are gone - missed moment – weighted air
The crickets chirp their call.
You’ve never come in crashing
your lullaby quietly mine.
Ears straining to hear - waiting for my star to fall.

- Heather M. Browne

(added 04.15.14)

editor's note: So much sparkle and flash. Just need one in your pocket... yours. - mh

This suit

This suit looks
my dad, home for
This suit catches
the attention
lovely young
This suit clings
to me
when the
sun is
This suit reminds
me of
where I

- Anthony Arnott

(added 04.14.14)

editor's note: Dress in a manner befitting career expectations; or, at least, lunch expectations. - mh


Talkin’ to me Mutha Fucka?
Yes, do you have the time?
3:30, Mutha Fucka.
3:30, it’s got to be later than that?
Ok Mutha Fucka, 9:30!

- Hal J. Daniel III

(1 poem added 04.13.14)

editor's note: You're only as late as you need to be, mutha... - mh


I sold it
I sold my soul
Like the rest of them
Sucked it down
And went back again
Like the guy
With the shakes
In front of me
Praying to God
For another cup
Another shock
To his system
So he can go on
With his crazy day
“I will take another,”
He said.
I nodded my head
What have I become?
I thought about it
When I got out of bed
Then I sipped my latte
Later on that day
I never listen to what
The health addicts say
I’m a coffee bean whore
All work and some play
I never did drugs!
It’s a brain holiday!
But there I go again
Church of coffee beans
Earth's corporate share
No one really has a care
They just drink it down
Like a brain washed town
Without a second to spare.

- Gina Nemo

(2 poems added 04.12.14)

editor's note: Can't stop now! Gotta buy, gotta spend, gotta suck it in - coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee... (Let's welcome Gina to our crazy confab o' Contributing Poets with this'n! There's another new one, along with this and her others, on her new page - a rocket o' love - check it out.) - mh

Eat, Fuck, out of Luck

More and more,
Until there is no more.
No more patience, only lust,
Just pure desire of restless want.
Want more, get more,
Always make sure to buy more.
Once is never enough,
Just like a duck,
Stuff, stuff, stuff,
Until there is but a single quack.
Then go, and fuck,
Like a rabid dog,
on speed,
Like a dying chimpanzee
hanging from a tree..
Then text it, post it,
Tube it, lube it.
Get your 30 second fix.
Want more to mix?
Then go, fast, fast, fast,
while your fame lasts.
Eat, fuck , text it, post it,
Tube it, lube it.
But you're out of luck!
Just like a stuffed duck.
Roasting in the oven,
Never getting it,
That there is no IT,
Just eat, fuck,
Out of luck.

- Sakazaf

(added 04.11.14)

editor's note: If a duck quacks in the forest... ? - mh


– am I a gifted person? Is it important, since I no longer exist?!

I was sailing through the endless space, still angry at the death that came in malevolent time. The success was feasible. The space is so cold, and my physicus, which I imagined, transformed into the powerful energy that has no use. I did not have a plan.

– Probably I do not need the plan here, – as if the thought was spotted.

From some star constellation, a man in white floated towards me. He was tampering with something about my bodiless being, and then suddenly disappeared.

People around me were freely walking in their pajamas, it was only me bound to bed.

- Tatjana Debeljacki

(added 04.10.14)

editor's note: Plan?! Ain't no plan! Get a grip on whatever seems solid and ride it out... - mh

Physics Lab

In Genesis god creates light and the light
commingles with the darkness
and needs separating:
photons and dark energy
get to know each other in intimate ways
and some particles cancel each other out
in blazes of matter anti-matter explosions.
And god thinks, Shit! this light and dark
stuff is fucking dangerous.

God begins to separate the light
from the dark, but there is a vast amount of both:
a volume equal to four-thirds Pi times
forty-six and a half billion lightyears cubed.
God creates a cosmic dust pan and broom
and begins sweeping light and dark into separate piles
long before god names day day or night night
because god does not wish to do a lot of explaining
to all the science fair judges
about his newly created heavens and earth,
especially if all these continuous explosions
mean god has to start creating all over again—

That would mean missing out on Rebecca’s birthday party
with all the other gods who got their science project right
on the first try.

- Kenneth P. Gurney

(1 poem added 04.09.14)

editor's note: Edison failed 1,000 times before he made light. - mh

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