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Lover’s Tussle

I won’t kiss you ’til we quarrel;
I want to know that you fight fair
and strong and long, with love;
so the worst of you accords
with your best that I adore.
Let us tussle, then rebound
refreshed for tempests
much more kind,
not less profound.

- Craig Kurtz

(featured in the poetry forum 08.28.14)

editor's note: I'll die for your love, if I can survive your wrath. - mh

The Elopement Note

To all you clever people
who don’t believe in love:
They’re fixing the numbers on the public clock
& they falsified the weather report.
The sky is rigged, the clouds corrupt;
the sun’s a slut, the moon takes bribes.
From all this invidiousness
I heartedly efface myself.

To all you hipster intellectuals
who don’t believe in fate:
The verities come in vending machines
& destiny is a programming code.
The muses are but brummagem, kismet is cajolery;
free will’s wrapped in cellophane, conation is downloadable.
For all this ignominiousness
here’s your prize — epic abyss.

To all you supercilious cynics
who don’t believe in anything:
Romance is anachronous
& arete is démodé.
Sincerity is a double cross, matedness a despotic plot;
marriage is the in-&-out, loyalty a sucker’s bet.
Hip hip hooray for your ironicalness,
& boo-hoo (ha-ha) on my dumb happiness.

— Your most humble servant,
the luna moth stuck to your windshield.

- Craig Kurtz

(added 08.28.14)


I see how it all adds up:
Unfolded response,
received tucked in.
I recall compiling &
assaying top down:
I got there,

Now I know the likelihood:
Traversing parcel,
freight belayed.
I patched the crosshairs &
veered the meter:
I saw distilled,
spun off.

Option reset.

I figured out the nonstop:
Unfolded incoming
w/ all of the above.
I discerned undoing &
renewed wherewithal:
I clocked out,

I got the allocation unwound:
Equable conveyance,
itemized & defenseless.
I spied preterition &
added unforeseen:
I arrived,

Account revised.

- Craig Kurtz

(featured in the poetry forum 05.20.14)

editor's note: No matter how you account, use long or short division, you'll reach no fixed amount, but need constant revision; life's tally. - mh


I am typing detached parts
on tinfoil,
extended warranty under
I will science my
consult the
faucet &
a debt.

Tighten your lightbulbs.
It's ignitable.

I enter containment
w/ insulation,
sign here for equity
I could capsule
w/ additional
service finish:
The styrofoam
is snap-on.

Verify confusion.
It's inflatable.

- Craig Kurtz

(featured in the poetry forum 10.04.13)

editor's note: These were the instructions included with my mid-life crisis. Looking for the warranty statement now... - mh

Ready Now

I will love you
Someday I will show you
I know how
When when
is then
I will
love you
But until then
I’m not ready now

Every time I see you
I know our future is together
I’m just inclined
To wait for better weather

Some day
We will be a team
Someday we will survive
the dream
When then
is when
You will
call the tune
But until then
It’s too soon.

- Craig Kurtz

(featured in the poetry forum 06.13.13)

editor's note: Hope both are equipped with the same intentions when then is now, ready or not. - mh


Kites are no good without strings
But birds aren't right without wings.
I think that it is probable
What connects us
Is invisible.

I brought a map and I bought a plan
But I had to choose canopener, or can.
I can't help myself knowing
My knowing
Might be what's going.

If your altitude
Ever loses ground
I'll be the airport
You can land upon.

I drove a train and I turned a car
But I was born lost seeing how you are.
I have a dictionary
Illustrating the fact:
There's uncertainty.

There will be times
You'll hear static, not chimes;
There will be times you'll feel
Turbulence instead of

Guitars can't play without strings
But I can't tune a tune without
living things.
I feel even hopeful
Our connection
Is untouchable.

If your flight pattern
Ever goes wrong
Just radio home
For another song.

- Craig Kurtz

(featured in the poetry forum 03.06.13)

editor's note: Here we have another treatise on string theory. We are all strung together in cosmic song! And speaking of song and honesty, check out Craig's new album, titled "Honesty" here. - mh

You're pretty

from what I can tell.
You get words
so right
they write themselves.

The way you
get away
with meter,
it's murder.
Such structure.

You're really
I don't want

Take my
Your stanzas
get me weak
in the words.

You're very
Your vernacular
put me on
a stretcher.

Intercept message.
Your lexicon
blood pressure.

You're sweetest
w/ the timbre of
grammar. Your
alliteration quickens
my index.

The way you
sentences. I receive

You're especially
linguistic. The
way your

It's your
forehead full
of contents
that really gets my
heart remixed.

- Craig Kurtz

(featured in the poetry forum 11.19.12)

editor's note: My lexicon of lustful linguistics is left in lassitude in the presence of her punctilious prowess. Poof! - mh

Wrong planet

Let me tell you
about logic. It's
flat as the world.
The only problem
w/ being wrong is
thinking that's not
a good start.

Let me tell you
about peculiar. It's
subject to revision.
You'll never know
you're correct
so long as everyone

Let me tell you
about popularity.
It's empty calories.
Membership is acceding
no one is listening.
Crunch your
own numbers.

Let me tell you
about how it goes.
Being included is
being deluded.
Emotional mercury
seeks its
own level.

Let me tell you
about planet wrong.
I only stopped for
directions out.
Don't be the reason
someone isn't

- Craig Kurtz

(featured in the poetry forum 09.07.12)

editor's note: Planet wrong is planet here and now. Sing loud, sing long; but, listen to what you're told. - mh

Only you will

understand these words. I don't
know you
but I understand

I like the way
your body languages, yet
such propriety in your

Circumspect, yet direct. I bet
ferocious when angry.
(I want to see
all of that.)

And the subtle,
you handle operating
with underivative

I like the tension
sometimes inadvertently
when you're thinking

And those classy
kindnesses you
didn't know if
I noticed (I did).

I like how you
(that says it all) are
smarter than you
really need to be.

You're birdlike
and I

I like the illimitable
loyalty you

I admire your severe
equanimity, slightly
by cute.

Did I mention your startling
curiosity; or the
funny color
of your interesting?

Now, the if. You get
the I don't believe it
part, but there's the
consider it angle, too.

Don't ever hug me
until you know
if you do I
will not

let go.

- Craig Kurtz

(featured in the poetry forum 07.04.12)

editor's note: After such a wonderful proposition, one can't believe it results in "Only you won't." - mh

Craig Kurtz

A bit about Craig: Craig Kurtz lives at Twin Oaks Intentional Community where he writes poetry while simultaneously handcrafting hammocks. Recent work has appeared in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Blue Hour, Outburst, Regime, Indigo Rising, Harlequin Creature, Reckless Writing and The Tower Journal. Music work featured at Fishfood & Lavajuice.