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mad swirl open mic night

Mad Swirl featuring Justin Booth

Join Mad Swirl this 1st Wednesday of August (aka 08.06.14) at 8:00 sharp, when we will swirl it up madly in the LIVE way that we do every month. Get to the Lounge early, dig upon the musical musings of Swirve and this month's feature, Lil' Rock poet and performer, Justin Booth! For those who don’t know Justin, here’s a bit about who this poetic mad man is…

Justin Booth is something of a rising star in the the small literary world of Central Arkansas. Raised in Northeast Arkansas, Booth is a veteran of the U.S. Army who worked as a bricklayer, rode with a motorcycle gang, and did time in prison before falling into heroin addiction that eventually left him homeless on the streets of Little Rock for more than five years. In all that time, writing was his salvation and what carried him through. Since the publication of his first poetry chapbook, "Hookers, Ex-Wives and Other Lovers," in 2012, he has found a job and a home, left the streets, and has seen his work published in magazines and anthologies both in the U.S. and abroad. In 2013 he released "Trailer Park Troubadour", his latest collection is “Lucky Strikes, Grave Dirt, and 1/3 of the Stars”. Booth lives and works in Little Rock.

If that bit about Booth doesn’t pique your interest in this month’s feature, check your pulse… you might be dead ;)

After our feature set we urge you stick around to get yourself a spot on our list... first come, first on the list! Which means... get there early!

Come one, come all! Mad poets, musicians, actors, singers, circus freaks and Elvis impersonators... come-n-strut-yo-stuff. Come to participate. Come to appreciate. Come to be a part of this collective creative love child we affectionately call Mad Swirl.

AND, as you may or may not know, every 1st Wednesday we get all giddy with the swirlin' madness. COMING SOON:

September: R.A. Hernandez
October: Kerseymere
November: Karen X
December: Paul Koniecki

notes of gratitude to ALL the mad ones!

Mad Swirl featuring The Curiel Family!

Although it's not polite to say "We told you so!" we're sayin' it anyway!

This past 1st Wednesday at "Mad Swirl presents... The Curiel Family!" it was absolutely everything we'd hyped and hoped it would be... and MORE!
The whole Curiel Clan brought their own unique & divine light to our stage & swirled it up in a most beat-utiful way. Huge THANKS to the Curiel family for letting us witness their gifts.

And big ol' thanks to all who came to Absinthe Lounge to appreciate & participate in our mic madness. Each and every one of you Mad Ones out there made last night one of THE best in recent memory.

Thanks to ALL the wonderful poets and musicians who shared their words, their verses and their fine light with us. t'was a fine night to be alive and in our Mad Swirl world. In case you missed this Mad action, here is the line-up of who was who…

(photos courtesy of Dan "the man!" Rodriguez)

The Curiel's
(Chris, Tamitha, Chaz, Caleb & Chloe)

Johnny O
MH Clay

Chris Zimmerly

Mad Cast:
Opalina Salas
Paul Koniecki
CJ Critt
T Bell
Logen Cure
Carlos Salas
Teresa Megahan
Mike Donahue
Desmene Statum
James "Bear" Rodehaver
Nemo Blakemo

HUGE thanks to Swirve (Chris Curiel and Gerard Bendiks) for keeping the beat til the wee hours of the night. We got taken to another dimension of time and space on the wings of their jazzy madness!

And as always, big THANKS to the patron saint of the loco local mad ones, Kevin, owner of Absinthe Lounge.

And finally we would like to thank ALL of you who freely shared their hand claps, finger-snaps, hoots and howls with all the mad ones who got up on this sacred mad swirlin' mic.

We look forward to all the m-adventures to come! Stay tuned...

interested in performing?

Are you a mad poet, musician, actor, singer and/or performer? (circus freaks and Elvis impersonators always welcome) Do you live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area? Then come-n-strut-yo-stuff.

Come one. Come all. Come to participate. Come to appreciate. Come to support your fellow mad ones.

The mic opens up around 8:00 and closes when there's no one left standing.

Interested in performing? Then show up the night of and get on the list!

Got questions? E-mail us at for further details that may not be listed here.

Mad Swirl Open Mic at Absinthe Lounge. It's THE place to be on the first Wednesday of the month! (it's also THE place for 1st Wednesday's $2 drafts/$5 Mad Absinthes)

And please, by all means, FEEL FREE TO SPREAD THE WORD!

where's this madness take place?

Absinthe Lounge is located in the SouthSide on Lamar building.

1409 South Lamar Street • Dallas, TX 75215
google map

Wanna view see who was who from past open mics?