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This month's featured artist, Eric Caulfield, brings us a refreshing and dreamy collection all the way from the Netherlands, where he's currently residing (and hopefully making more masterpieces). Eric's unique splashes of color allow the observer, be it yourself or your 83-year-old grandma, to feel like they're taking a trip - and not necessarily a fun one either. His paintings, done primarily through paint and oil pastels, are almost haunting in their imagery, but hey, we're not called Mad Swirl for nothing. We dig the madness Eric Caulfield brought us this month, and are excited to share it all with you right... now.

(added 01.16.13)

Angel of Madness - Eric Caulfield

Pregnant Idea - Eric Caulfield

Emotional Storm - Eric Caulfield

Masks - Eric Caulfield

Sky Fishing - Eric Caulfield

Toni Martin

A bit about Eric: I’m a traveler and observer, I began expressing myself through the act of painting recently, beginning with acrylic, and slowly integrating a variety of pastels. The urge to paint came through my writings, as imagining the worlds of the mind through the written word was not enough to satisfy my need for emerging and manifesting my ideas; ideas that had to be seen, that had to take shape outside of the mental landscapes. Sometimes the act of painting was out of suffocation, a way to break through a false reality, and solidify truth, even if only a piece-it would mean sanity for a moment in an insane world.

When I’m not painting, I can be found reading, writing, exploring, and conversing, always for truth, always for love, and always for a better way along this fantastic and wondrous journey of life.

When I paint it is almost always an act of seeking out the inside by manipulating the outside, and through this, a style has begun to take shape. Altering perception, awakening into new states of mind and the insatiable desire to recreate these visions for other eyes to see has led to the creation of my artwork.

I tend to gravitate towards ideas of different realities, to strange entities, exploration of consciousness, and powerful truths that can be found in the most unexpected places. I expect that I will always be expressing myself and the true worlds through the canvas, inspiration found and inspiration shared – the dreamers are alive.