The Mad Swirl editorial staff are passionate about their craft and choosing the perfect pieces to showcase every day, week, month and year! From art to prose to poetry, no one piece is the same and each holds their own in their own way, reflecting back to us the world we live in, love in, and sometimes (sadly) suffer in. Our fine staff of editors ensure that every poem, every story, and every canvas we showcase at Mad Swirl speaks to the hearts and minds of you, our loyal fans.

Mad Swirl Staff

Johnny Olson
Founder/Chief Editor/Creative Director/Open Mic Host

A bit about Johnny: In 1999, Johnny, with a couple of other mad cohorts, started Mad Swirl. This project has now evolved into a being all its’ own. After wearing too many hats for too many years, he now only wears a few at Mad Swirl: chief editor, creative director, and host at Mad Swirl’s monthly Open Mic night. Contact Johnny at

MH_ClayMH Clay
Poetry Editor/Open Mic Host

A bit about MH: MH Clay is a poem writin’, harp blowin’, corporate beast dodgin’, lover & husband & father & son, etc. Who can’t help but write “out loud” the things he knows that many of us are thinking. It’s a compulsion, a condition, a possession.
Contact MH at

Tyler Malone
Short Story Editor

A bit about Tyler: Tyler wouldn’t have lived past fetushood if it wasn’t for the caffeine his dear momma ingested. Bless her & the little palpitating heart she gave him. He loves to sneeze more than most people love to eat, & he has always idolized those who are famous but talentless as well as Tom Jones’ hairstylists. Contact Tyler at

Madelyn Olson
Visual Arts Editor

A bit about Madelyn: Maddi daydreams about dreaming in technicolor.
Contact Madelyn at