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Ingots of ideation evolve. I sidestep from the unfoldment: abide by the strokes cinched for me. It is thick and turbid. While conversing, one spots the other is misstating. There is no evidence, no admission. As the words crowd it is clear-cut. Grief lays bare their self-centeredness. Biases in breath flash their fig. Solo in righteousness, sometimes activates the upper …


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Sir is what we called the Jesuit scholastics who taught us Latin, Greek, and the classics at Loyola Academy and in return they called us Mister The first time someone called me Sir was in a swanky club where I took my girl and he wanted to know if he could put fresh-ground pepper on my Caesar Salad I said …


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When the world weighs heavy upon me I light up My feet go from under me Followed by my legs Tingling up my spine Towards my neck Until all that’s left’s My face disappearing Behind a puff of smoke.

Beyond the “What ifs”!

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Through the fog of the past, The mist of the future; I see my life through the periscope Of word said, deeds undone, Dreams that may come true; And a fear of, “What if they do?” Sometimes reminiscing At other times repressing, Pondering about, “What if…” I stop! I halt the mental exercise. Snub the gainless meanderings Of my overworked …

This Toe

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How much would you like for this toe? It has walked for miles and knows its way around. There is still a good deal of mileage left in it. This toe will never lead you astray. You could say it is a lucky toe. It has avoided the toe tag and arthritis. If you are not satisfied, you could send …

My conclusive dance frame

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rigid, classic, like parentheses trapping a flutter of sparrows mid-theft, chicken coop, after grain. No match for hers, corseted tight, white-laced, as she denied my bid to diagram our pas de deux across the ballroom floor. A feud, two stern teachers, each certain — how to construct the perfect sentence, our grammar book of would-be love, unbound, sections lying random …

In Years to Come

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You will deny knowing me, and I will deny knowing you, and all will deny where they were, and what they said and did, chastened by the fires that still burn.

Will You Please facts not withstanding…

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Will You Please facts not withstanding in a manner of speaking the ball’s in your court this too shall pass but before & just in case the matter gets out of hand there’s always a stopgap a fail-safe when the moment comes just pretend but play it safe check your battery be convincing these are good people this has never …

Cell Phone Instructions

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“Hmm,” thought I. “I pressed the button on the phone called the (balabala) button. It says that it might cause a fire. Yikes! My house might burn down. The way to deactivate it is to press the (hoseblows) button, then wait for it to start flashing. Then if it doesn’t, press the (powpow) button if you start smelling smoke. If …