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Bones on top of bones
heavy cold stone bones
heaped in a pile

Draped in muscle
limp languid motionless muscle
ravenous for revival

Brain engulfed in murky liquid
sludge blood clogging up veins
dead tissue floating
marrow leaching pain

Limbs dense and swollen
stuffed with tar and grimy sand
paralyzed with exhaustion
unmoved by command

Organs wheezing, gasping for air
suffocating with gravity
oxygen deprived
system decaying rapidly

Flesh sheathed in sunken skin
a barren wasteland
forgotten and forsaken

Bones on top of bones
betrayed neglected withered bones
heaving in a pile

– Jasmine Sanchez-Ziller

editors note:

Dysfunctional, but through daily determination. (Listen to Jasmine read her poem here. Learn more about her story on her website, here.) – mh clay

Lives, Lovers, Livers Ago

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The fuck stops here, in a room of strangers, once lovers.

Close eyes and enunciate ex-ter-min-ate with
no separate breaths between hello and goodbye
spreading across infinity, from sheets to space,
rung around mysteries inside bedside table rings,
but never slipped on any fingers.

Bar receipts crumble as petals in pockets, scarves tug as nooses,
stomach knots tie one off better than drinking to any horizon.

Beer isn’t paradise, it’s the discovery of gods
drowned in disillusion, betting on nightmares
and occasionally lucky sunsets for some of us.

Taste fingers slid between teeth, prints trace the tongue,
imprints of dirty doors and girls lied to and called whores,
safe in sending kisses to bottoms of glasses, never sunsets.

editors note:

Beer-bungled, clumsy commingling; benevolence blundered, consequences unconsidered. (read two more on Tyler’s page; a romantic reader and an uncaring killer – check’em out!) – mh clay

I Spread all My Colors in Wholeness

by on January 20, 2017 :: 0 comments

I spread all my colors in wholeness,
As I am the horizon of a new rainbow,
My colors cover for perfection,
With the seeds of silence and compassion,
And it even travels above the dreary desert,
To create the Oasis,
For all but not for the egocentric ones,
My rainbow is stationary over helpless ones,
It desires to be an affable kin to them,
Neither does it have any colors anymore for slaughterers,
Nor mercy for any suppressors.
My colors share integrity and pride,
With the symbol of independence!
This produces my own identity in the new sphere,
That reputes a new transparency around,
Hoping to depict newness and a fair settlement,
So it travels through the universe,
In search of equality and sacredness,
And my rainbow stands for truth,
It holds the elixir for all emblems of pain and suffering!

editors note:

Encouraging verses on a day which, for many, is black and gray. More rainbows, please! – mh clay

i think i love her

by on January 19, 2017 :: 0 comments

i’ve been told
by people that
i should smile

and on the odd
moment alone
in public i’ll
take their
advice and
see what

enter the

she rounded the
corner of the
grocery store
aisle and there
i was, gallon
of milk and
loaf of bread
in my cart

i smiled and
said hello

she kept

and there
begins the
quest that
surely won’t
end well

editors note:

It likely won’t. Ah, but quest we must. – mh clay

Dame Jere

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Still small voice saw him first
There be angels
Mam would you mind putting these things on your walker
I don’t get around so good

The attaché had faded green party stickers
Mondale vs. some obscure nemesis
He was somewhat kempt yellowed shirt orange shorts
He offered his half a turkey sandwich
to a black woman trying to sleep
on the anti-vagrant benches near the AA center
He gestured to the crowd gates set up on Olive St
think they’re going to have the pride parade down here mam
I laughed I doubted it
I guess the temp tat no prop 8
was a dead giveaway of my orientation
You going to the parade tomorrow
been there got the shirt I’m too old
he raised himself to his haughty 7 foot
well he preened raised a bit of his shorts
with a practiced dainty hand
to reveal a pair of pink panties
frillier than the ones I was wearing
as we slow walked to the rail,
he regaled me of floats he the queen of the regalia
satins pearls tafatta
unforgiving in this lone star heat.
The train broke me from the enchanted tales
like my momma usta say
just cause you’re an angel and don’t have to be a fool
since I was neither. I told him I had to dash.
He grabbed his belongings,
thanked me for the assist.
I curtseyed and wished him a gentle journey,
he blew me a kiss
that in times past would have held
a jeweled glove.

editors note:

Angels and fools? Which are you? (A fool, I be.) – mh clay

The Smile in Light

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When sleep floats your body
to the surface of the well,
you must follow wherever
silk leads your hands.
Tenderness spills against you
again like jars of tiny beads
pouring over your skin.
And your flesh welcomes
the quickening pleasures
with a hammock’s open embrace.
And the smile in light
at last returns to your eyes,
as you drift closer and closer
to the wind chimes of a name.

editors note:

So sweet; the moment before sleeping, the moment before waking. – mh clay

Conversation with Someone Somewhere

by on January 16, 2017 :: 0 comments

Much I’ve done
and did
was to oblige
and act a part,

not from the heart.

For early on
my heart I hid—
atop a shelf—

even from myself.

I think I did it then
because I had to.

I found that to be me,
well, it was bad to.

I learned what I should feel
then I pretended,
but even when alone it never ended.

And why
do I
still do it now?

I’d stop, but don’t know how.

I’m a fraud
dismally flawed.

That’s all I know

yet on I go…

I don’t
know why
I do,

do you?

editors note:

With self disclosure can we make closure? Can we? (Read another of Harley’s mad missives on her page. It’s an alien encounter – check it out.) – mh clay