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The freebooter in you unleashes
as you skew the conversation
with the miasma of multi-layered

There is no barter on bruises.
Even snaps on the social media
channels don’t pay back for the

Rage disrobes itself on the mirror
of my makeup van. I seek another
script from the director of the film.
He cancels my contract.

editors note:

Sometimes, if stuck, one best not stay. – mh clay


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A flurry of footloose word-armies,
unleashed in makeshift assemblies,
impress at first blush. On jelling
for gravitas, one realizes, empty
words leave us unfurnished.

The familiarity of promise is like
an earworm. Takeoff on truism?
I wish I could urge them to hustle
with a new hook, bunko with a buss.
Lure me with unwonted lies.

editors note:

If you’re gonna put lipstick on that pig, it needs to be a good kisser. – mh clay


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Notwithstanding how shielded the heart is
at some stage
you realize it’s porous.
You’re human,
don’t hold this against yourself.
I’ve learned not to fall
at my wooer’s feet.

There are dignity and distance
in my demeanor.
But this organ with four chambers
has its own score to settle.
It propels me on a path
that isn’t under my superintendence.
This is the worrisome part.

editors note:

And it’s impossible to hold at arm’s length. (Congrats to Sanjeev on the release of his new collection, “Bleb.” You can find it here.) – mh clay

Without Colophon

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When mind wishes for a workout nostalgia
warms up the process. Firsthand fumes
are never on a collision course. Dubiety
does not piggyback on them.

Résumé turns into a register of regrets.
It is not easy to rack up how memory
preengages into a monograph: without
readers. This tally needs no title page.

editors note:

From recall to remorse is a short run when self publishes to self. – mh clay


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If the only pix are those of screen goddesses or gods:
it is natural to acquire a skewed vision.
Socializing reduces the critical bar.
I’m not sure if it nurtures the creative output.

For most, it flourishes in forlornness.
Emotional curios never grab as much mind space
as the all thumbs crew.
A space cadet scores summa cum laude over the others.

editors note:

A recluse’s rant; all thumbs are better than no grasp at all. – mh clay


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Ingots of ideation evolve.
I sidestep
from the unfoldment:
abide by the strokes cinched for me.
It is thick and turbid. While
conversing, one spots the other is misstating.
There is no evidence, no admission.
As the words crowd it is clear-cut.

Grief lays bare their self-centeredness.
Biases in breath flash their fig.
Solo in righteousness, sometimes
activates the upper story
to doubt itself.
Hurrah from the herd
props the purpose.
At some stage it chimes with the core.

editors note:

Sometimes you make your point; sometimes the point makes you. – mh clay


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Timorous by design
is my default setting.
For me: enfilade is an empty promise.
In unkind times
experts are called in
to put forward a playlist.
This never works.

Make your menu.
Let others respond
with a moue.
Unrecorded chronicles
buried in bushes
of forest-time
will disappear with the debris.

editors note:

All determinations will dull in time. – mh clay


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Raising a question
is sometimes the solution.
When answers provoke
an examination,
it’s onset of perspicuity.
It is the makeup of the mighty:
government and its gyre,
personages and the pecunious
to circumvent scrutiny.
It’s in our interest
to doorstep with intenseness.
Talismans of truism
must wax under our watch.

editors note:

Some are calling this sedition. Others are saying, “It’s about damn time!” – mh clay


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A trillion or more herberts
from the heartland
need to be harnessed.
Can any religious structure
actualize them?
The commentariat leads
the way by simulcasting:
politicos across the scale
illude these folks
to the yield of ruptures.
The horsewhip of hate
has the sharpest wallop.
One requires no dopester.
There is no champion in the chase.

editors note:

It seems that what’s common in our denominator has dipped too low. – mh clay


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Google and other griefs
chase my working hours.
Nights are cut out for
graphology. In temple of
needs my pelage seeks
your petting. My god
it seems is huffy.

editors note:

Demanding doggies, we nudge with nose for muse attention. Pet me please! – mh clay