The Old Man And The Root Beer Float

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(a poem in one act, circa 1951)

He couldn’t get
the screw cap off
the bottle of root beer.
He struggled and
struggled but he
couldn’t get it off.
He had a large glass
full of vanilla ice cream
but no root beer.
It did not get him
down. He had vanilla
ice cream in a glass –
a dry root beer float –
instead. “Sometimes
life’s like that,” he said
to himself, “no root beer
for your float”. The
old man sighed and
ate his plain ice cream.
While he ate he called
Ernest Hemingway
to share
his story.

editors note:

An unknown fact: Hemingway’s original title was “The Old Man and the Float.” – mh clay

A Lot of Heads Were Blown (circa 1730 when)

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They figured if you surrounded someone dying with
Copulating couples the soul may enter a
Proximate conception, and the dead person
May be grown anew.
It got so, they began to orgy
At the slightest sign of a sniffle.

editors note:

Let’s bring back those old folk remedies! (We welcome Randall to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay


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Look at this little anthill
he has created;
it’s a little world

look, they don’t know
where they came from

each one has a mind
like us of it’s own

their animals are like ours

they have mass
(slowed down and congealing
matter) shootings

we need to help them

Let’s get’em.

editors note:

Think we can do better? – mh clay

The Grand Illusion

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This is all an
illusion, the illusion
of perception…
which blinds us
to an appreciation
of infinite

editors note:

Blind to our blindness? (I think) I see… – mh clay