Odd How It Happens

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You can really tell
that many dogs
have been reincarnated
as Burgess Meredith
though Wilford Brimley
(in future Martin Mull)
also populates a good
many dog breeds in the
canine world
your stuffed dog
or dog pelt rug is
most always an
owner reaction to
the Hitler wing
of the reincarnation
schemata/phyla populating
individual pooches
with staunch
ideas concerning
the biological
organization of the state.
To exterminate
the dachshund.

editors note:

Who came back as YOUR dog? (Mine is Johnny Carson, which makes me Ed McMahon, I think.) – mh clay

Your Source of Protein?

January 6, 2024  :: 0 comments

The man came in almost unnoticed. He was dressed as the other waiters so I didn’t notice him. Yet in no time he was hovering over my plate. “Gnats, sir,” he whispered in my ear. Before I could stop him, he proceeded to seed my red snapper Vera Cruz with more than a light dusting of the little buggers. Black …

Toughen Yourself

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Drink from the creek
store beans and rice
reuse bathwater
hunt for food
sleep on the ground
buy a gasoline powered
massage your scalp
with early morning
stick a pin in a testicle
the apocalypse demands no less.

editors note:

We’re doomed. – mh clay

Free Bird

August 26, 2023  :: 0 comments

“I’m here for those flappy boys,” the cop said. I didn’t know what to do. Didn’t know how to react. “M-my birds?” I asked, incredulously. I’d just bought them. Parakeets, two of them, annoying little buggers – but I thought that was all. Little did I know. First night I had them, it was Bedlam. It was two women, turns …

Thirty years later.

May 9, 2023  :: 0 comments

I look out of my apartment window. It’s a white expanse. Snow, with brown patchy areas on rolling prairie treeless hills. Black dots of small evergreens dot these foothill areas. Antelope, coyote, deer and turkey, wild, may be seen. Yet today is different. Out past the rolling slope is the air force base. A large white implosion. A phosphorous swelling …


February 21, 2023  :: 0 comments

Eighty million of them and I have to get the guy I Seig Heiled in Thailand. I shouldn’t have done it. He was just a hippie tourist. I have a beef with Nazi Germany, sure, but who doesn’t!? I mean, get over it, man. That’s what the German should have said to me, when, drunk, I met him in the …

“And The Apostles Put Their Tails Between Their Legs (and howled)”

December 15, 2022  :: 0 comments

Nobody knows why or how. Things just happen. For all science thinks it knows, the vast storehouse of the unknown dwarfs what man knows. So, it was with concern and alarm that Dart stepped across the threshold. For it was a threshold of no return. Deep into inky darkness he fell. Swimming, in an apparent weightless condition, Dart flailed his …

Poor Americans

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antagonists, living
at home
in the robust
imagination of God
plot lines.

editors note:

In this land of plenty, a plethora of plot lines. Praise god! – mh clay

Learning Curve

October 11, 2022  :: 0 comments

Life was good at that point in my life. I didn’t want it to decline. I thought if I just don’t do anything I might be okay. But I doubted it. I’d tried to lay low before. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, they found me. The people found me. My old dog found me. Seemed the more I tried to …

In The End

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Hoist not
upon thine own petard
skepticism and cynicism
given Epicureanism
and Stoicism
Satanism and BDSM
lead straight to Jesus.

editors note:

Believe your own boom or bondage be thine. – mh clay