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Out of the nonsense come scribbles,
Clear as a razor,
An infant boy looking through
The glass pages
Of a children’s book

She said sing melodies
So I did
As she smiled
And walked away.

editors note:

A little melody to dull the edge, soften the sting. One could cut one’s self on those glass pages. – mh

Brown Ones

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I really liked her,
we’d been going out
for about a month.
I wanted to do
something nice for her.
She was into hedgehogs,
she had about thirty
hedgehog ornaments
on windowsills, up on shelves,
all over the place.
I searched the shops
in town but couldn’t find
what I was looking for,
I’d have to make my own.
The effort you put in
when you like someone
is unbelievable,
it took me a week.
I turned up at her door
and handed her the box.

“You shouldn’t have”
she said smiling
as she opened the lid.

I rocked back upon my heels
waiting for the squeal of delight.

“It’s a stuffed hedgehog!”
she gasped, dropping the box
and slamming the door in my face.

“But I just wanted to get you
your own real one.”
I urged through the letterbox.

As I walked away
I realized the problem.
I’d obviously got the wrong colour
she already had loads of brown ones.

editors note:

Oh, too bad! Love’s hard enough, no matter how you color it. – mh

You’re Next

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Tip-toe across the ceiling
of what I am doing
but do not speak
or breathe a whisper,
let me to my devilment.

Stay still, while I play
watch, while I control
envy my chuckles
gasp at my cheek.

Stay outside of the ropes
sit upon the fence
or bounce into the middle
of your undoing.

editors note:

Cheek, indeed! Is life a spectator sport? What the hell – I’m bouncing in. – mh