Frightened Into Bravery

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“Oh my God, we’ve never seen
anything like it, have we?
The way you jumped over that
table, skidded under the next two
and rose swinging a chair around you.
You were like lightning, I swear
at one point you practically ran
up a wall, an actual wall! seriously.
The massive guy dropped, man
just like a sack of potatoes.
And those plant pots, Jesus Christ
what made you think of those?
They were flying around everywhere.
It took 10 officers to restrain you
and carry you out, upside down.
It was the craziest thing
that any of us has ever seen
you are the talk of the place, a legend.
What set you off man, tell us
come on, we’re dying to know?”

“Well, I was just frightened, you know!”

© 2012

editors note:

Whiskey and adrenaline; bad news. Casual pub crawlers beware the frightened philanderer; best walk on. – mh

Dull, Dull, Dull

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I was in a police cell in Swansea
which I am more than used to.
The walls are usually covered
in all sorts of graffiti
done with pens and cigarette ash
or scraped into the paint.
It is all very familiar
and often quite amusing to read,
helps to pass the hours
and all that.
But this cell was different
it only had 3 words
written in blood
on the back of the cell door
‘Dull, Dull, Dull.’
It really quite shook me up
and I was happier than most times
to get on out of there.

© 2012

editors note:

Routine incarceration brings “bored to death” into new perspective; enough to scare a scofflaw straight? – mh

Toe To Toe

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Words with Mohicans,
doctor martin boots
and tattoos.

Words with the spirit
of rebellion,
two fingers in your face.

Words that make you
feel like you’re winning,
encouraging you on.

Words with the force
of a pissed-off hooligan
defending his turf.

I want words
that I can mentally
stand toe to toe with.

© 2006

editors note:

Yes! I’m on my feet, just out of arm’s reach from that pissed off hooligan. – mh


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Out of the nonsense come scribbles,
Clear as a razor,
An infant boy looking through
The glass pages
Of a children’s book

She said sing melodies
So I did
As she smiled
And walked away.

editors note:

A little melody to dull the edge, soften the sting. One could cut one’s self on those glass pages. – mh

Brown Ones

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I really liked her,
we’d been going out
for about a month.
I wanted to do
something nice for her.
She was into hedgehogs,
she had about thirty
hedgehog ornaments
on windowsills, up on shelves,
all over the place.
I searched the shops
in town but couldn’t find
what I was looking for,
I’d have to make my own.
The effort you put in
when you like someone
is unbelievable,
it took me a week.
I turned up at her door
and handed her the box.

“You shouldn’t have”
she said smiling
as she opened the lid.

I rocked back upon my heels
waiting for the squeal of delight.

“It’s a stuffed hedgehog!”
she gasped, dropping the box
and slamming the door in my face.

“But I just wanted to get you
your own real one.”
I urged through the letterbox.

As I walked away
I realized the problem.
I’d obviously got the wrong colour
she already had loads of brown ones.

editors note:

Oh, too bad! Love’s hard enough, no matter how you color it. – mh

You’re Next

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Tip-toe across the ceiling
of what I am doing
but do not speak
or breathe a whisper,
let me to my devilment.

Stay still, while I play
watch, while I control
envy my chuckles
gasp at my cheek.

Stay outside of the ropes
sit upon the fence
or bounce into the middle
of your undoing.

editors note:

Cheek, indeed! Is life a spectator sport? What the hell – I’m bouncing in. – mh