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in heart
of sinner
in judgement

editors note:

Sinners are red, heaven is blue; if we do the praying, then judged by who(m)? – mh clay

The seventh day

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The protection
of the helpless
the witness
of the desperate
hope of the innocent
the seventh day
creation of life
on the bright side
of the death.

editors note:

Bright, this side, begs the question; is really so dark from the dead perspective? – mh clay

Blood of Apostle

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On the night
a divided
of the Gods
in darkness
of time.

editors note:

Dark indeed when the sent ones pass (everyone is somebody’s sent one). – mh clay


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of last
in the dark
of quarters

in the secret
of the universe
dark matter

editors note:

Self revealed, secret no more. – mh clay

Rio Negro

January 6, 2018  :: 0 comments

They thought that for him there is no more salvation and decided on the last, desperate move. Early in the dawn, they went by boat to the outer limits coast and stopped at the place where the sea flows into a specific river, supposedly healing, but no one came back from where it was left. Something had barely spoken for …

Stone soldiers

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The place of the nameless
through the gates
into the memory
of the space
a man with dreams
about the past
the fear of the people
of the unknown
the dreams of his work.
the bloody dreams of a place
without names,
looks back to the memories
of the architects of the past
in the eyes of a man
who is no longer there
the bridge that only exists
in his dreams
the river of books
eleven soldiers hold the stones
on their backs,
the writer of the creature,
their birth, eternal life,
the guard of the ages,
the heart of the creator
in the eye of the bridge.

editors note:

Architecture with eternal aspirations. – mh clay


October 14, 2017  :: 0 comments

In the Egyptian desert, prayer in the air, the legend about the origin in an ancient tomb in golden letters written memories. Hordes of demons in the year of the wilderness, the cry from the grave, the light in the sand, hordes are getting closer, changing shape, a saint in heaven hermit in prayer, the girl in the river. River …


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dogma of
to survive
of freedom.

editors note:

Can what you believe set you free? That would be a pillar, indeed! – mh clay


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Lament on the land
pinch the flower
from the book of civilization
I cry every time
When I see dry land
bandaged in black
suffering for homeland
I cry and pray
last trace of beauty
hidden within us.

editors note:

An ugly erosion; the loss of land begins within. – mh clay

Monastery of Silence

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Priest every night
says a prayer
near the church
with the blue dome,
in a dream
music the last time
an unnamed grave
silence echoes
before sleep
strange visions
music dreams
enigma forever
at the door
garden full of flowers
through the light
of faith
the music of the past
through dreams
reaching out to him
with a cross
in his hands
a requiem for
an unknown grave,
dream prayers
light in centuries.

editors note:

Seek forgiveness  in dream for peace in the light; in the end – may it rest. – mh clay