A cloud

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I dreamed upon a cloud
A floating plush cocoon
Of cottony softness
Gently wafting forward

Above the strife below
Beyond the cacophony
Of daily contentiousness
Just peaceful contemplation

Here shall I end my days
In serene tranquility
Where peacefulness and
Quietude reign supreme

I think….I think….
Unless total boredom
Drives me utterly insane
Compelling my return to earth

editors note:

Monotonous millenia strumming harps. More fun to mess with humans; check your halos at the door. (We welcome Milt to the ranks of our Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

Chapmans Lake

April 17, 2015  :: 0 comments

Uncle Nat was definitely my favorite uncle. He was my mother’s younger brother and lived in Scranton, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sadie, and their two daughters, Lillian and Dorothy. Dorothy, the younger girl was just one year my junior and we were great friends for years. Uncle Nat, born Hershel Newtah Jochnewitz, Americanized his name to Nathan Young while still …


March 29, 2015  :: 0 comments

Never thought I’d live to see
My own Octo-gen-er-ity
The daily complement of pills
Have staunched so many ills

I am the first in my line
To reach this magic time
As I stand to face
The finish of the race

Each day I go anew
To confront life’s brew
Of ache and tired muscle
Amid our diurnal bustle

I take my quotidian stand
A toast to Medicine Grand
For a long and healthy life
Buttressed by my loving wife

editors note:

Better living, longevity and love – through chemistry. Viva, Milt! – mh clay


September 24, 2014  :: 0 comments

nature has endowed us with genes
to pass on mutations that helped us
evolve from primitive hominoids
to our present-day form and
on to an unbelievable future

in early childhood we learn to compete
to study to enable us to better ourselves
compete with our peers
surpass them in life’s battle

survival of the fittest
has worked on this world
for several billion years
and will continue into
the foreseeable future

when we shall finally learn
if we are alone
in this expanding universe

barring an eccentric asteroid

editors note:

For those who do or don’t get evolved, it’s aliens or a great big rock. – mh