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Sweetie, I had a hysterectomy.
I haven’t been laid in six years.
Why don’t you come over and make
an old woman feel young again?

I can’t get pregnant anymore.
But if you still need protection
I have a gun in my drawer, which
I used to murder a lame lover.

But I’m certain I won’t have to use
it on you. I have a good feeling
about you. I need to feel young
again. Sweetie, I’m here if you want.


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I like to take walks,
but I never leave
the house because I’m
deadly afraid of
dogs. I had a bad
incident with a
dog from hell once. It
bit me on my butt.
I have not left the
house since. For twenty
years I’ve looked outside
my window looking
for that dog from hell.
I fear it’s waiting
for me. I have no
scar or bite mark left,
but sometimes when I
sit down I feel a
little pain. I take
Motrin all the time.
I lost all my friends
because of my fear
of the dog from hell.
Sometimes when I feel
brave, I walk out in
the backyard and I
water the lawn. I
run inside when I
sense the dog from hell
is near. I don’t run
as fast as I used
to, not since that
dog from hell bit me.


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Look at my face.
Does it look like
a face at all?

I don’t know who
I am. I don’t
know who I was.

Bring me photos.
Remind me of
the better days.

I don’t recall
if I ever
smiled at all.

Outside I hear
birds singing my
death song. I look

in the mirror
and I look in
my eyes. There is

no life there. I
sigh and hope with
all my might that

this could be a
dream, a nightmare,
some other face.


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Why do they refer
to my boy in the
past tense? I know he
is alive. I can
hear him calling me.

I’m sure the neighbors
are hiding him from
me. They always had
it in for him. If
he is dead, which I

don’t believe, then I
think the neighbors killed
my boy. I’m not a
paranoid person.
I’m certain it is

the neighbors again.
They’re spreading lies. They
want to keep me here
away from my boys.
I need to come home.

I need to protect
my sons. They are weak.
They need their mother
to save them from the
satanic neighbors.


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I’m sick because
of all the medicine
you give me.

I need to be
home. I don’t like all the
people here.

They are crazy.
They talk to themselves. They
frighten me.

The doctor is
living in my home. I
own this place.

He says I am
Bipolar because he does
not want to

pay the rent. He
thinks he is clever, but
I’m going

to evict him
as soon as these meds stop
making me

feel so sick. I
am stuffed full of his bad

It’s poison. I
will have his license for
what he’s done.

There’s nothing wrong
with me. I’m a princess.
This is not

a delusion
when it is true. I’m rich
like Bill Gates.


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I was born
on Mars on
a robot
ship. My mom
and dad were
robots and
I was made
from their chips.
I am a
robot too.
I am made
of human
parts as well.
My blood is
oil and grease.
My flesh and
bones are made
of special
fibers and
plastic. My
eyes can see
through walls and
my mind can
read people’s
minds. If I
only had
a brain that
was not sick
or damaged,
I would not
have to be
in this place.
The doctors
think I am
insane. Who
do they think
they’re fooling?
The doctors
are robots
too. They have
me human.
They want to
destroy me
because I
know the truth.


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Movie stars don’t
need this kind of
treatment. I will
have Hollywood
on your doorstep
doctor if you
don’t let me go.

My agent will
get on the phone
and have your ass.
You won’t practice
in this town or
anywhere else.
I am a star.

A movie will
be made about
you. People will
know about your
You are making
a big mistake.

I never talked
to myself as
you contend. I
was practicing
my lines. That is

all. I am a
movie star and
you should be fired
for keeping me
in this place. I
am not mad. I
am a big star.


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I am able
to take care of
myself. Are you
kidding me? The
doctor is a
wacko. Why does
he think I can’t
function in this
world? He does
not know as much
as he thinks. His
is pure poison.
I have lived my
entire life drug
free. His cocaine
will not cure me.
Well, he says it’s
not cocaine, but
what else could it
be? I lose my
balance when I
take his pills. I
spend all day in
the bathroom just
sitting in the
can because of
his cocaine or
whatever name
they give to his
poison. I want
to go back home.
I promise you
I did not set
any fires or
have rotten food
and roaches in
my home. Someone
must have broken
in and did all
that bad stuff. My
neighbors don’t like
me. I’m sure they
are behind this.
I did not do
anything wrong.


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Some people can’t go home
to their nice families
he muttered to his nurse.
He had a fresh bandage
on his left wrist to go
with the old one on his
right wrist. I don’t have a
family like yours. They
make me want to slit my
wrists, which is exactly
what I did. I’m not a
drama queen, like what my
family says about
me. I need to be loved.
Would you care to adopt
me? I think I like you.
You seem to listen to
me, not like the other
workers in this place. Can
I go home with you? I
need a new family.


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I’m the best mate
for a woman ever.
I still have not
met the right one.

As soon as they find
out how passionate
I am they will
be standing in line.

I’m a wealthy man
as well. I’m the heir
to the Chicken
Little Egg Ranch.

My dad’s last name is
Little. Clever, huh.
Our eggs are known
all over the state.

What woman can say
no to a rich guy
like me? You tell
those wacko doctors

that there is not
a thing wrong with
me. I’m here by
accident. I

didn’t break into
the neighbor’s house.
I was just visiting.
But they weren’t home.