That Great, Wonderful Boom

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The dismissal bell resounded, rang
Across rooms, halls, playgrounds.
Music boomed where:
Parents waited,
Bus drivers talked,
Crossing guards,
Animated for service,
Checked their visors.

My watch misted.
Three antiquated hands aligned;
Hour, minute, second.
Passed over mental sleeping bags
Beyond cognitive boxes
Housing local news,
Real estate finds,
Next door neighbors’ dalliances.

Boredom makes semantics relative,
Among holy teachers.
Our time’s measured in tests and in graces
Which reject life chapters
Spread fully open,
Like rutting teenagers, who
Take leisure at bus stops,
Playgrounds, coffee houses.

Rather, we clerics’ small, intrepid voices must
Mark rustic cabins’ acreage,
Limits how immense swimming pools can grow,
Structure late night debates
On paying electric bills or mortgage,
On cell phone tones,
On chimeless texting
On maraudering coworkers.

Tamed, such matters
Slink into closets,
Hide under desks,
Get erased at recess,
Best, they’re relocated young.
Meanwhile, dark, anticipated pleasures
Wait until fully flowered
Or when the bell rings.


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Dried prom flowers, worn photographs,
Ticket fragments, echoed laughs
Crumpled scripts, paper slips
Fragmented leaves, snail shells
Belled mirrors with tinsel stars,
Tufts of alley cat fur.

Antimacassars, all, opposed to making space,
Thwarting, efficiently, existent
Computer communications,
Unflinching deterring drunk chip activity
By dint of forgotten pasttimes’
Brittle hurt of subversive words,

Such unavoidable contexts terminate
Talk; they might even rhetorically stymie
Whimsy’s wayward, positive social function
Impoverishing, en route,

Core dilemmas’ resolute sister,
Whose many small virtues easily collapse.

Recollections weigh in as gold
When society’s dirty work remains
Incomplete, supped together
With open source publishing,
Demoralized conversations,
Gap years, and lost dreams.