Attack of the Megalomaniac

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I don’t know jack
about my ancestors
nor do I give a darn
about my forefathers
and I really should show
more emotion
for the fate of the ocean
but I am too busy
protesting on behalf
of the only
species that matters
are poaching
those that blow their
own horns
and these confidence
take the rawhide
of raw talent
and exploit it
in the flee market
of free spirits
where it is sold
to those who hate
everything about
and then whatever
is left is ground
into stardust
glitter litter
swept away
and then washed
down by suds
of green envy

editors note:

Saving self through the sin of spin; want more, buy more. – mh clay

Viva Visa!

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perhaps in
a third world country
or in the Far East
or in the Upper Peninsula
or Down Under
I will be appreciated
and adulated
the way I
was when I reigned
supreme in the
Disney World dynasty
of my delicious
tenacious pre-teen
time frame
back when I looked
like I was ready to star
in an afternoon special
about a goody-good
who made good
with all the goodies
a goofball could
get hold of
and I am catching
the next
non-stop flight
heading back in time
to a place
that currently
has a high exchange
but low
currency rate
on unconditional

editors note:

Though this could be a week for looking back, to have our past-ports stamped; the good ole days haven’t happened, yet. Forward, Friends! Eyes front… – mh clay

Not To Do List

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search yourself for
a talent
that you can squander
hunt for potential
that can never be reached
then reach for stars
that snicker at you
from light years away
now plan to stand up
at the altar
where you promise
to commit
and put a ring around
rosy promises
throw away
a perfectly
good morning
by sleeping
into the afternoon
and put up a
“do not disturb” sign
on your door
just in case
opportunity knocks
in the night
and finally
those that believe
in you most
by panhandling
your affairs
with homeless
just for the
Zen of it

editors note:

Inspiring words from a demotivational speaker… – mh clay

Nice Toss

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One day you are going to
write a story, poem
or paint a picture so
perfectly framed
it should be a crime
and this deep
of someone
or something
or unassuming
will register
with those in
the know
who will promptly
the energy contained
within the pigment of your
paint or your pointed
and then you will
the consciousness
of the voyeur
of your genre
but this is only
if and when
you stop
crumpling up
your endangered
and throwing them
in the wastebasket
you bought
at Walgreens

editors note:

Yup! Can’t know if it’s a perfect seven or if it’s craps unless you roll them bones. – mh

Single Minded

January 18, 2014  :: 0 comments

I suggest
you narrow
rather than broaden
your search
engine like
and when you
locate your
use all your
amorous ammo
to stun
the endangered
into sweet
and then
attempt to tame
that leopard skin
wearing tigress
by leashing her
with leisure
and lash
her sass
with class
and then see
if when she roams
whether she
per chance
to jump
through your
hoops of fire
in your
Barnum and Bailey
duplex on
on the Upper West Side

E is for Existence

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Maybe I did ask to be
and maybe I
was offered
a comprehensive list
of parents
to choose from
and it might well be
I was given a reason
and a mission to accomplish
and each and every character
I have ever met are merry
marionettes speaking
the pre-planned script
written by a bevy
of seasoned Sesame Street
styled ventriloquists
who were hired
by the executive
producer of
the greatest
mini-series ever told
to guide me
from my ABC’s to my
XY and final Z
I’d rather be
the brainchild
of a TV show
than the bastard
baby of a prehistoric

editors note:

I’d like this MC to square my story with the media and move on to the book deal. – mh

Supporting Role

April 20, 2013  :: 0 comments

I am more sidekick
than hero
the buddy
rather than
the leading man
the roommate
of the guy
who gets
all the action
I am the wing man
not the lady killer
I provide the
comic relief
not the
and I may never
get the girl
next door
by the
time the
credits roll
but I do
get to be
her best friend forever
and that’s
good enough
for me

Office Worker

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When they streamlined
the company
they let go
of the guy who
daydreamed at
the watercooler
and whistled
in his cubicle
you know that
guy who always
had something
nice to say
or said nothing
at all
the one who
always came
in late
and left early
has been laid off
and I heard
he stopped
to smell
some roses
on his way
to the exit

editors note:

Until they start charging for smelling, better sniff all we can – damn few things are free in this world anymore. – mh

Tough Talk

October 27, 2012  :: 0 comments

Why you smug punk
who snorts
the white powdered
good life
served on a silver platter
you snarky, sniveling
specimen of generation
do you really think
in your VIP room
that the world will
pole dance forever
for you
and that you can
throw good money
after bad
behavior and
hit the mega jackpot
talk to me
in twenty years
and let’s see
what has
happened to
your eyes
which roll
like dice at
everything I say
when your
dimpled cheeks resemble
bruises in a
beer brawl
and your world
is stripped
of strippers
and all
that is left
is you
an empty
can of a man
a Bud
who never
got wiser

Hardcover Lover

October 27, 2012  :: 0 comments

I am searching for
a bespectacled
specimen of the
Jane Austen
who has sometimes
fingers which
do the walking through
the yellowed pages
of my past and accept
me for the quotation
marks around
the dramatic
dialogue I speak
and who sees me
as the dashing sort
with dashed dreams
debonair and demanding
as the dude in
Fifty Shades
and who places me
in the Erotic Fiction
section of her
store bought thoughts
and who talks
about me
at her book club
causing the literate
moms to lick
the froth off
their Frappucinos
and say:
“I’ll have what she is having.”