M-Theory Musings

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What theory unifies forces, weak, strong, with gravity— also, to which belong all the string theories of why and because? To answer these queries, M-theory does. Proponents aver it offers clarity as to the issue of singularity. Where there’s a will there’s a way, so they say… In the beginning our universe sprang from membranes colliding to cause a Big …

A Friend in Need

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A friend in a pinch is seldom a cinch
to be found in a world uncaring.
Some might offer aid, then want to be paid,
with an attitude overbearing.

Friends made from the heart will never depart
though the way may be rough and tumble.
They stay at your side through a rocky ride
to help you go on if you stumble.

When myriad woes attack you like foes
or obstacles rise up in doubles,
those loyal appear to assuage your fear
and bolster your spirits in troubles.

Once it’s clear to you that a friend is true,
you possess a most precious treasure,
with rewards that grow far more than you know
or a jeweler’s loupe could measure.

If you’re tempest-tossed and find yourself lost,
shy of courage to make you bolder,
or your cherished hopes fly out of your scopes,
you can lean awhile on their shoulder.

Whatever the rhyme or reason or time,
by silent accord in friendship’s creed,
true friends will be there, your fortunes to share.
A friend in need is a friend in deed.

Aye, friends of this sort are a special breed.
A friend in need is a friend indeed!

editors note:

In light of recent disasters, we’re thankful to see so many of these lending hands (and so much more) to those in need. (Read more veritas verse on Harley’s page.) – mh clay

Guilt will Wilt the Sweetest Flower

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Guilt will wilt the sweetest flower,
Cause the very sun to glower,
Though the skies their tears may shower.
Guilt will wilt the sweetest flower.

Shame will tame the lion’s power,
Make the boldest warrior cower,
Turn the taste of triumph sour.
Guilt will wilt the sweetest flower.

For each mister, miss, or madam,
Son or lover— this is so.
In the Bible Eve and Adam
Did discover long ago…

That guilt will wilt the sweetest flower,
Steal the pleasure from the hour,
Even in the greenest bower—
Guilt will wilt the sweetest flower.

Note: Poem/Song Lyric ~ written in the 1980s for Harley’s version of “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”

editors note:

For an extra treat, listen to Harley’s rendition of this in song here. Check it out! – mh clay

Charcoal Gray – and other passages from The Autobiography of a Granada Cat – As told to Harley White

July 29, 2017  :: 3 comments

photo “Charcoal Gray” (above) by Kirk W. Wangensteen Mark Twain asserted unequivocally, “If a man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve the man but deteriorate the cat.”—no comment from me. And there’s another by him, which expresses sentiments my lady embraced: “A home without a cat, and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat, may be a …

Empyreal Rondeau

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In ghostly skies a stellar glow
from erstwhile stars of long ago
that shone with splendor ere they died,
perchance were wished on starry-eyed,
still haunts in heavens’ spectral show.

We gaze with wonder from below,
amidst our scurries to and fro,
at panoramas mythified
in ghostly skies.

The winds of fame and fortune blow
with sound and fury fiercely, though
our life be ebbing like the tide;
for death o’er all shall yet preside,
unfathomed as the cosmic flow
in ghostly skies…

editors note:

Wishing still, wishing ever… – mh clay

Cosmic Glimmer

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In the blink of an eye of eternity,
with ceaseless Darwinian stride
from our earliest stage to modernity,
we dwelt on this earth and we died…

It wasn’t our land though we thought so
while stomping about in our frets.
We rhetorized peace, yet we fought so
throughout our begats and begets.

In a wrinkle of space in infinity
we crowned ourselves king of the sphere,
killing everything in the vicinity
without even shedding a tear.

If only we still could awaken
from dreams that have led us astray
to visions no longer mistaken
of a truly enlightened way…

editors note:

Ah, yes! Waiting to see “enlightenment” be more than just a word we know how to spell. – mh clay

Before the Big Bang

April 7, 2017  :: 0 comments

What sparked the Big Bang? Should we give a dang how the experts debate as to what might predate it or seemed to exist? Speaking for myself, I cannot resist a fantasy spree of drifting away in reveries vast about our fabulous, fathomless past. Utterness whereabouts always were there, and singularities melt in thin air, when we consider an alternate …

Crack of Shine

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The sky was dark and dreary
as I trudged along the path,
with vision dim and bleary,
under thunderclouds of wrath,

one foot before another,
plodding onward through despair,
yet knowing of no other
road to lead me anywhere.

With blackness fast descending,
though my journey incomplete,
the trail became unending,
and I gave up in defeat.

Surrendering my proneness
to stouthearted courage prove,
I foundered in aloneness,
too dispirited to move.

Every hope and dream was gone
as I lay me down supine,
having no will to go on…
Then I spied a crack of shine.

Light was streaming through the cleft
in a sort of golden haze.
The impression that it left
was of some illumined blaze

which had kept aflame within
midst my melancholy mood
and a mindless inner din
that begot disquietude.

The fissure in the shadow
letting in the rays of light
summoned forth an inner glow
which was hidden from my sight.

I stayed there lying prostrate
for what seemed eternity,
speculating on my fate
as to be or not to be.

At length I managed to rise,
unsteady but striving still.
For life goes on – great nature’s wise –
it can, it must, and it will.

Yes life goes on – the truth there lies –
it can, it must, and it will.

The vision that was present
has never lost its power.
What I saw plus what it meant
comes back in my darkest hour.

It reappears through thick and thin –
that crack of shine that dwells within…

It’s always there through thick and thin –
that crack of shine that dwells within…

editors note:

Yes, it can, it must, and it will. Thanks, Harley! – mh clay

Conversation with Someone Somewhere

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Much I’ve done
and did
was to oblige
and act a part,

not from the heart.

For early on
my heart I hid—
atop a shelf—

even from myself.

I think I did it then
because I had to.

I found that to be me,
well, it was bad to.

I learned what I should feel
then I pretended,
but even when alone it never ended.

And why
do I
still do it now?

I’d stop, but don’t know how.

I’m a fraud
dismally flawed.

That’s all I know

yet on I go…

I don’t
know why
I do,

do you?

editors note:

With self disclosure can we make closure? Can we? (Read another of Harley’s mad missives on her page. It’s an alien encounter – check it out.) – mh clay

Locus Amoenus Vision

January 16, 2017  :: 0 comments

Once when wandering deep in space
I chanced on an idyllic place
that seemed too wondrous to exist…
At night with moonlight it was kissed

as though with glowing beams of love.
By day a star shone from above
while crystal waters danced in streams.
Was this a fairyland of dreams?

The skies of lapis lazuli
were truly beauteous to see.
Forests, meadows emerald green
lent sylvan lushness to the scene

rife with songbirds sweetly trilling,
perfumed blooms in colors thrilling,
myriad marvels small and great—
oh so much to appreciate!

And yet the beings dwelling there
barely even appeared to care,
nor to grasp the fathomless worth
of their heavenly planet earth…

editors note:

We’re only visitors here. – mh clay