A lonely rider

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In the
Cold desert,
Along with
The howling wind.
On horseback,

A strange
Weather beaten
Unfamiliar face,
Turning back
A grin throwing,
Continues his
Hurried way.

May be,
A herdsmen:
A Dhokpa, singing,
Making alive the air.
Pulling my ears of

And I, lost
In his melody,
Staring till his horse,
In the vast horizons;
Of: green pastures

Still echoes
The tongue of:
A nomad

Note: Those people in Tibet and in Nepal bordering to Tibet, having a nomadic life shifting their flock of sheep, goat or yaks in the high pastures, living under the tent, are called Dhokpas.

editors note: Grin caught, attention pulled, ride on… – mh clay


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I am the past,
I am the present,
I am the future,
It is the time I am living
A fruit of: my KARMA.

I am the WATER
Blood in my veins
By the heat, scalding.
I am the AIR a moving spirit
I breath. I am the EARTH,
An elemental dust
A flesh to decay.

I am the SKY,
A lurking void
Of the universe, to unite.
So, it is not me,
What I am saying “I”.

I am a product
Of a FIRE, empty
Like a living smoke.

Smoke! Smoke!!
And Smoke!!!

editors note:

Where there’s smoke… – mh clay

Red apple

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In a nightmare,
I awake.

In the unconscious
Hours of sleep.
A thought in me
Was eager
For: beauty.

Her face is:
A red apple,
With a juicy bite,
I realize.

editors note:

A midnight snack for an apple a day. – mh clay

Nocturnal juice

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Depth of night
Where your shy lips
Were shivering
But the smile
Was attractive.

I fondle you,
Your coy smooch;
Attacks tenderly.
As you huddle me,
A pair of clementine,
Ask me to peel.
They were
So soft.

A sweet,
Juice of night
You serve;
to my thirsty

editors note:

Ah! Sweet, surreptitious squeeze. No juice fast for me. – mh clay

The shine on your face.

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A hook in the eyes,
Fishing a dream.
Enthralled, pulling: a rope
To net your mute beauty
Unmatched, climbing high
To harvest on eyes.

In the vacant horizon I play,
Reading every silence.
Find you are my life, when I am alone.
There you stand in front,
What is that of you?

Unreserved, planted deep,
A memory; missing: I cry.
Recurring dream of a foreign beauty
Haunted deep flying high.
I walk alone,
In a lonely street.

Tickling my roots of:
Involuntary sleeping nerves,
rubbing on a flint you spark.
The fire of: your beauty,
That you ornament and
The shine on your face,
Paralyze my mind.

editors note:

The bliss of a fish afloat in muse waters; delightful paralysis. – mh clay

Evacuated brain

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In a vortex,
Flour of my mind,
Dough, and spin.
Loosing free the skeins
Of: a thought.
Experience ink.

Memory of the day,
Like Hydra walk.
Looking for veins to suck
Needle my skin.
Stranded I walk bleeding,
As you ravish me
On the way.

That coagulates
On my feet, slimy
and slippery, I end:
With spindle yarn
Of leeches: a rein
Controlling my
Evacuated brain.

editors note:

No brains, no headache? No matter, everything is empty in the end. – mh clay

Destitute dreamer

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Is gonna think?
Her vague presence
Buried in the
Womb of silence,
And I weep for
Her beauty.

Got drunk,
In my madness,
Spinning her dream;
In the haywire.
Loitering in the streets
In search of poetry,
Collecting sights
To stir, in alleys.

On a temple porch,
Pondering night,
Did not meet any thought.
Melting by the temperatures
Of: emotion, kissing whose
Unkissed lips.
You create a current,
Oh! Volatile.

Dancing with
The caressing breeze
For the droplets of dew
Distilled tonight.
Surprise of a turn
With sericeous head
And seductive smile
Disappear within a wink
Flying to the world:
Of nymph.

And as a
Destitute dreamer,
Staring at her flight
I wait for an
Early plane
To catch.

editors note:

Another flight of fancy. Boarding Dream Air, now! – mh clay


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Flocculant wool,
Weaving a gravid

A blunt tip,
Blindly forged
Into a furnace
Of a brain
To sharp.

A sharpener
To pencil a thread of
Wired inkblot

Yarns the knot,
Giving shape to
A textile she

Beats of a heart
In a line of yarns
How I got

editors note:

From yarn to yarn; words woven into a tale. – mh clay


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Into silence

Stock hold
Of energy scalding
Invisible here.

A thought,
Vague utterance
Of the vast;
A thunder.

The flash of
A current of
Brain wave

Ember liquid
Golden rim of
Volcano wearing
Crater on my paper
waites the rain.

To become
A lake, where;
I can swim
So deep.

editors note:

Pen pulls poet into paper crater; fire and water ensue. – mh clay

The seine

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To fish
By the shore
I spread, the seine
Intertwined string
The knots.

I let
My sinkers drown
Loosening the rope
Waiting for her sight
Occupied with
Similar job
Other side.

How long
Do we live
Face to face
Opposite banks
Dissemble not, please
To embowel in arms
Come into the waters
I will pull ashore
The seine.

editors note:

The original network; before FB, fish. – mh clay