The seine

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To fish
By the shore
I spread, the seine
Intertwined string
The knots.

I let
My sinkers drown
Loosening the rope
Waiting for her sight
Occupied with
Similar job
Other side.

How long
Do we live
Face to face
Opposite banks
Dissemble not, please
To embowel in arms
Come into the waters
I will pull ashore
The seine.

editors note:

The original network; before FB, fish. – mh clay

Paranoid scream

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Dark of the night
Silence creeping
Dead is alive.

Rattling among the bones
Cracked ribs I hear
Nibbling skin, rats are enjoying
Smoking kiln active
Invisible fireworks blasting.

What a celebration
When life is in transit
The bridge is needed to cross.
A thread of hope is blinking
Far ahead the phosphorus flame
The grave is shining, a ghost
Emitting phosphorus
Enacting to live.

And I, as in dream
Terrified and
Paranoid, scream.

editors note:

Even with the bridge in sight, it’s a terrifying unknown. – mh clay


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In order
To clear my vision
Journey of imagination
An obscure memory
Engraved into

Papers I learn
To make the plane
Word-knots fixing: a bolt
Riveting clouds
Every now and then
Immersed into

The paper planes
Bring me back
An exhumed child
Carefree and wild
Reminds on each
Transmitted paper
To rebirth again
Running into
The field.

editors note:

Paper plane progeny; relive the joy of running. – mh clay

Obscured vision

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I read
Your face
On the way I walk
Face to face smiles
I answer a question,
Who am I
To appreciate

I climb
The tower,
Blurred past searching
Horizon to horizon, peep
And I find you
Among the clouds.
Oh! Beautiful stranger
Am I impaired
In vision
Or are you

For the angles
Of your beauty
My defunct
Clinometer is
Unable to measure
The height
Of your mystery.

editors note:

Amorous altitudes render dizzied discourse . – mh clay

Dark fortnight

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Is hindered
In my garden.
Waxed by winter
Freezing so pale.

A furrow…
Did plough
In the ocean of my heart
And the current
An electric shock…

My eyes are blind
Meteor from the heaven
And galaxies not seen
None of the milky ways

It is so dark.
And dark
Where is the light
You took on lease.
Goblet of your dew

In a dark fortnight
How am I to satiate
My thirst…
Without your face.

editors note:

Spring; sprung in slow sips from a light goblet. – mh clay

A juice vendor

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To street
A strange juice
He makes
From the layers
Of imagination
His hidden flesh
Squeezing clouds
Sailing the air
Oh! Incisive

If any audience
You have Oh! Wind
Carry Oh! Carry
To purify the ears
The gong of prayer
A temple bell

Of such art
Winding a juice
In silence he serves
Among the busy streets.
Standing on the corner
A mute consumer, I
Ready to drink
A glass as now he fills
Exuding from
The rock.

Neither did
You hear
Nor did I

The flow.

editors note:

Magic elixir from a cloud squeezing dream fixer. – mh clay


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Where I lost,
I found again
In somnosis.

A make believe
In dreams, a disease
Did not flow with time
To stronghold of belief
And I live
In somnosis.

Perfume flows
From her mouth.
A melody, a song I find
Listening to her
Addictive charm
A deep slumber
Brings me near.

To observe
Her dance
With waving hair
Her juicy apple cheeks
To bite.
From Mongolia or Tibet
By the effect of mountain air
She smiles among
Blooming buckwheat,
Inviting my lips
To her lips
As I employ in agreement.
I reach to drink
A current from her cheeks
And I awake
In somnosis.

Involuntary presence
In my dream
Leaves unerasable imprints
Still a quest unremitting
A deep longing to see her again
A somnambulist asks
To cordon every corner
In somnosis.

editors note:

A new condition is coined to describe this lover’s magnanimous malady. Voila; somnosis! – mh clay


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Dry soil today
At least breathe, a little
Many days later it will rain
Those cemented seeds
Unable to burgeon
Will break
To come out.

Coming out
Springing shoots of life
Burned soil today is like:
Soldered weapon in the furnace
Of a blacksmith.
Eager to fill a life
Those dust particles
Sharpening the embryo
Of a seed.

Opportunity today
Expectation of a similar seed
I soak up an interest
A seed to live a life
Today, tomorrow
And unlimited.

editors note:

Nothing sedentary in the life of this seed. “Soak up an interest.” – mh clay

Solitary river

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Aesthetic hallucination
One mad station
For creation

Have I
Understood of life
Looking for the rooms
Adventure to the unknown
Beyond the horizon
My eyes are

That cloud
Of a void sky
Loitering free
Shapeless mind
Thinking and thinking
Never become

In the air
On the ground I walk
Experimenting with mystery
Collecting the fossils
From a solitary

editors note:
A 21st Century Siddhartha, living his path aloud; isolation, experimentation, aesthetic hallucination. (Another from Hem Raj on his page, post-earthquake in Nepal – check it out!) – mh clay


July 11, 2015  :: 0 comments

Visible motion
Of a vibrating earth
Unexpected disaster

In front it left
Tear-mark of pain.
Heritage into rubble
Pathetic cries of families
Where homes are debris
And the life is in transit
Waiting to be rescued.
Historical monuments
Ruined for the

Her disentangled fury,
Waiting and
Thinking to the ruins,
How to clear and
Set back again?