Of the Deeper Wood

featured in the poetry forum August 31, 2016  :: 0 comments

A madness descends upon one to attend
the clock on the wall after those who recall
the hiding or seeking and soft squeaking
in a dilapidated cottage of the deeper wood.

Harlequin colors within an irrational swirling
find a mind spinning in the haze of red wine
and I can’t find my way through night or day
blinded by the tock, as the tick seeks to rock.

Standing there bare, while the cat’s on the chair
dizzy and fading while the clock sings a sonnet.
Feeling no pain within a numbness of the brain
salvation’s a meal, confined in a maniacs creel.

Dance by the fire, whilst absorbing warm desire
within the fistula of life, a steamy purge of strife
moving with a gallop through the life of a trollop
cast spells in the dark, to a stars reddish quark.

I am whom you think, wasting away in the stink;
listening to “Lunatic Fringe”, on tape in the parlor
readying the knife, I’ll dissect your wretched life
within a dilapidated cottage of the deeper wood.

editors note:

A little weekend get-away for personal reflection and relaxation. (We welcome Ken Allan to our crazy confab of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

The Cellaring

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A moldy cold
like a freshly
turned grave.
The smells of
decaying flesh
permeate the
bowels of the
icy basement.
Cobwebs move
in the dead air
a soft whisper
like long Spanish
moss being toyed
with by a gentle
wind upon red
oaks or pecan.
I’m home within
the coolish cellar
humming a sonnet
in my burial dress,
black strap shoes
hair a ghostly mess
a purple lilac purse
and Easter bonnet.

– Ken Allan Dronsfield

editors note:

A cool place to wait while lying in state. – mh clay

Darker Doors

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You may live within the storm;
repel the harshest rains.
Dance through it all
feeling less of the blame.
Walk through brighter doors;
unveil a light once again.
Love yourself through it all;
impervious to pain; feeling no shame.

– Ken Allan Dronsfield

editors note:

Open the door! There’s light on the other side. – mh clay