Over A Game of Cards

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a queen of hearts, a jack of spades,
a shuffling of the deck, a shedding
of the cards, a game of love underway

a stronger masculine hand, matching
of wits, a test of patience, a sip
of sights, the queen plays her trick

a little allusion meant to attract
the slightest attention, carefully
calculated slips of the glossy lips

sharp whips of the dense eyelashes
the glances grazing against each other
a flirting flutter in the frail heart

a talk so sweet, loud the hearts beat,
a momentary loss of male concentration
and she bluffs him into a tame submission.

– Debasis Tripathy

editors note:

All in for strip, though destined to lose, when you were naked all along. (Maybe this loss is a win.) – mh clay

He took

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Inspired by Jeff Weddle

He took his medications well and orderly
He woke up just every day
To go to work unerringly
He took care to think quietly
And not to speak haphazardly

He took pride in his appearance and
His presence, nay, impression was that
Of a man that shaves regularly
At least that was the thing
He told himself

He tried to smile always but
These days the masks hide all that
And your eyes can only emote
So effectively anyway
But, smile he did and widely

He took notes on his phone
And the phone was the desk
That held the drawer
With all his notes in them
And the phone was what was left
On his desk

When he left.

– Dana St. Mary

editors note:

When the road turns left of left… – mh clay

Will You Please facts not withstanding…

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Will You Please facts not withstanding in a manner of speaking the ball’s in your court this too shall pass but before & just in case the matter gets out of hand there’s always a stopgap a fail-safe when the moment comes just pretend but play it safe check your battery be convincing these are good people this has never happened before alternate side of the street parking the privileged few it takes years not weeks news leaks fake faucets turn off ramp sideways not an easy decision to make the majority form a majority to make matters worse a light at the end of the tunnel libraries are closing cows smell like fish if there is a remote chance grab the opportunity hedonism arose thank you all for coming it’s an honor to be here

– Heller Levinson

editors note:

Here’s a discourse far more coherent than current diatribes from a blustering blowhard we know. – mh clay


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Slow; stitches and scarred.
The monster turned on Master
And became human.

– Heather Handy

editors note:

What we all want to be when we grow up (in 17 syllables). – mh clay

Stay a Little Longer

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Stay a little longer.
The Sun is still visible on the treetops,
the birds are still complaining,
the brook has just started to grey,
and the evening is still not dressed up,
there’s yet time to squander.
Stay a little longer.
The ice of silence has just melted away,
let the heat of your words blow it –
like the vapor,
let the fragrance you brought along
Get thicker in the air,
let the drowsy sky rouse and wonder.
Stay a little longer.

– Ravi Prakash

editors note:

The ultimate laydown line. – mh clay

This Place

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Catch me alive on the mountain’s crest
summer wave of wind over afternoon naps
your dreams blending into my dreams
when cities weren’t dying prisons

It took years to find this hollow tree
small room with knot-hole windows
seeing out
cloud backsides lifting
wondering if they’ll ever touch heaven

But down here
earth centuries
long and hard under man

Woe the wars
we have committed
small and great with the death of the poor

The haters that always crave hatred
they’re coming after me spies of my tribe
jealous with my continuous escaping
finding hideaways
within the last treasures of earth

I tell you and you listen
take a deep breath before I exhale
remember this tick-of-time we have shared

A few birds still singing in the branches
a light rain later tonight
love winning in the heart

Their evil footsteps circling
thinking they’ve caught me
but I’m already whispering in your next dream
dream of escape from
this place.

– Stephen Jarrell Williams

editors note:

So strong, the urge to flee this one to another. So hard, the will to stay… – mh clay


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once turquoise canals
bubble like tar pits
laden with leaves

debris and ash
clog ports & streets
from seasons ago

when mortals ceased
those gods exited
to another planet

feral poppies
cloak & intoxicate
across voided landscape

that last unanswered
telephone call will
ring for eternity

– Terrence Sykes

editors note:

We believe they stopped here, on the way to… somebody answer that phone. – mh clay


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can chaos be sad?
wiring in the brain corroding
synapses clicking wildly sizzling
walk as softly as you can to not
jangle or jingle the brain
it goes to terrible places hysterical
repetitions despite warnings to not
go there caution tape has a gap
they posted a guard named amygdala
the details are there
on the other side of that post
where a home a monster mansion
traps a young vulnerable living being
by conquistadores holding crosses
dna cells infected punctured
inside your forgotten body
who screams trauma
silently deep inside
clenching ugly stories
and the answer

chaos can be sad.

– Nilsa Mariano

editors note:

Quell the conqueror, amygdala appease. Make your own… – mh clay


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the mustache hair grows up into the nostril
gray hairs sprouting everywhere
how irritating

as usual the snake-skin itches
like a brush fire across the surface
of centrifuge earth

my problems, minuscule,
it’s not like I’m getting impeached

I’m just going for the Walt Whitman look
or maybe Monet
and what about Brancusi

the beard hair alights out of the brush
Joan of Arc on fire
orphans every damn where

turn on the cable news streaming vitriol
the viruses will gang up against
the mouth breeders

drunk at the airport bar
you’re gonna miss your flight
best miss it
just so you can live an hour longer

– Jay Passer

editors note:

Enhancing avoidance with ideology (or idiocy – shots with all). – mh clay

The Red Grasshopper

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One Day
You heard
your name
in the midst of the crowd:
Somebody was calling you

You turned back
There was neither the crowd
nor the sound

An old woman
with a doll in her tiny hands
stood beside you

She smiled and said –
Nobody called you
It was just an echo
of the rustling leaves
in the silent jungle

You were then
A red grasshopper

– Raja Puniani

editors note:

You are it and it is you and what was that sound, anyway? – mh clay