December Weeping Willow (2015 Paris)

December 15, 2015  :: 0 comments

sage graceful composed
wistful for tranquil joyous years
streaming green tears of reverie
for the return of good will
and respect for all beliefs
evening moonlight and stars
ease the pain of observing
waxing terror and mistrust
a cosmic peacebreeze magnifies hope
igniting the promise of harmony among all humans

editors note:

In the face of current dissonances, let that peacebreeze blow. Amen. – mh clay

Do the Moon

September 30, 2015  :: 0 comments

Youth’s pre-love peace
Exited at light speed
Leaving a gutty paradise
Sizzling my heart as summer sand on bare feet
love emerged as my life emperor
and drove the me I became

editors note:

Love’s challenge, capricious queen; to be gutty while not being gutted. – mh clay