The alien is in the chip

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I don’t want to be around when Artificial Intelligence slips on the ice,
that won’t be human’s shining achievement
but a puzzling first contact
With a bizarre birth

machine orchestras spawn
curvy cold notes
strange new laws
omit all our flaws
the alien is in the chip
the alien is in the chip
the alien is in the mirror
the alien is in the mirror

editors note:

When 1s and 0s lead our ones to zero, pull the plug. Now! – mh clay


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busy grey squirrel hears
fall acorns pit pat bounce
dashes out of nest

sun sets on pine run
shadows sprint for tilting sun
branch and bark flashes

bored black calico
studies scuttling beetles
planning an attack

quiet sunrise mirror
orange purple clouds and moon
off wet bullfrog eye

bright red cutthroat trout
sense dancing beetles
plash wakes desert fox

hissing fall raindrops
tapping rich soil and roses
night scents meander

red grey woodpecker
scuttles and hopscotches
listening for ants

editors note:

Read between the syllables, stare through the season’s snow; a sweet spring in view. – mh clay

The Man Who Hates to Wait

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the man who hates to wait
with badger-like impatience
pause is his poison
delay his devil
the gnats of interval nip
and buzz in his rushing brain

until his desire fulfilled
by false glimpses of done
a perpetual cycle of angst
rains upon his hurried life
speed is his driver
he’s a pinball machine
about to tilt
the man who hates to wait

editors note:

It’s all gotta happen right damn now, so we can relax and slow down later. – mh clay

Submission Unheard

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editors gleefully
rejecting words to be unheard
a proxy poetic deterrence
of graceless gloating rejection
spitting on Art’s fresh buds
the dispiriting crew
keeps em blue

editors note:

Unappreciated procurators with museum motivations, only. – mh clay

Karma Balance (time see-saw)

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every action generates outcome
a whipped back
a kick in the teeth
a swollen black eye
dire news


a returning lover
dreams realized
bluebird reverie
found puppy
olympic joy

what was becomes
peanut-can snakes of cosmic spring
cruel infinite jokes
karma kicks/kisses
a perfect balance as past melts future
we reap our doing
only nows exist

caged by destiny or fate driven free
unknown rains on all humans

editors note:

Always keep an umbrella handy. – mh clay


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(mathematical proof for dissolved love)

as autumn equals fall

(ditsy crushes, loneliness and love-longing
divided by objective decaying deception
times 2 )
plus dallied days

is equal to common infatuation
the illusory nearness of berry to Juneleaf
or mistaken strength of rotting bark to trunk

realized pseudo-love
and frail waning desire
produce a cheerless reality

editors note:

OldEquation/NewVariables/HopeMaybe? – mh clay

Status Quo (A Sure Thing)

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Uncle Sam/hog
El Niño/Terror-child
Glaciers/Au Revoir
We’re > Done

editors note:

So much resistance to our struggle for stasis. – mh clay

Everblue Soul

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A silhouette of teal despair
Witness to all we never were to be
and are
Witness to all we never were to do
and did

Eden’s pure spring tears
cleanse the angel-soul face
to be stained anew by
man’s circular devil deeds
a wounded muse

Everblue forever wanders
with pockets of inspiration
never depleted
casting notion and dreams among our lot
raining fine golden hope

editors note:

At last, some blues to sing; eyes open and in unison. – mh clay

Is and Vision

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Don’t mention memento
Is was there and needs no reminder
trinkets fog reality
only Is is
be with Is
embrace the nowness of you
nose to nose with self
pure you
scramble that past
throw it in that trash
with the kipper and kitsch
Is’s brother Vision
jealous as Caine because
only Is is

editors note:

There’s our challenge; to find the is in vision. – mh clay

Whore pair of The Valy/Sillyikon

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Good whores
who mean well
power biblical American
bit smart byte foolish
built on rich soil
pungent soft earth-black
highnumber/red tempter
Share corpus
body corporation
execute gist

editors note:

Gist or gism? Determined by spin. – mh clay