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We’ve been mud
& bird

& dealt with
terrible loneliness

& we needed
a red that could

action us against
our own red,

but after you died
& he lost his legs,

the idea that we

to be softened,
become swamp

again was left

more bronze,
more marble.

editors note: Have a seat; think about this… (This one comes from Darren’s recently released collection, Bombing the Thinker. You can get a copy here. Check it out!) – mh clay


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The cardboard will lie flat if we want it to. We can lie flat if we want to. We can be a fortress if we want to be. We could keep the washing machines in their boxes. We could stack them into a castle. The dishes would be dirty, but we would be safe. I don’t plan on flattening anything anymore. I plan on becoming a pile of my own efforts. I plan on stacking these poems until his flame loses the oxygen it needs to flourish.

editors note:

For the most part, we feel attention to this specific person only fuels his fire. However, Darren’s poem brings to light the very point: No oxygen, no fire! Fill in the blank with whatever, or whomever, raises your ire. Give that/them none of your air. (This poem comes from Darren’s new collection, A Fire Without Light, released this December by Nixes Mate Books. Get your copy here.) – mh clay


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We know the cut, but we don’t yet know the scar. We were never pretty, but this, this one is going to be an identifying mark. This will be what the world remembers about us for a long time.

editors note:

One American poet’s POV; our collective embarrassment. – mh clay


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The infinite
isn’t a void,
it’s a filling

of that void
that never
ever finishes.

Oh, how
the young
assemblage tries.

editors note:

With so much to fill, gotta start young. – mh clay


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Made of light
& present
without being

present, Emily
knows the feeling
of my attention

is the dull side
of a sharp knife.
I flash only

when the action
of the blade can
work through her

in these poems.
She knows outside
of the art,

all I want to do
is rub against her
until the sparks

find the ceiling
of our locked room,
our safest danger.

editors note:

Celestial love to spark a constellation or, at least, trip the fire alarm. (We welcome Darren to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out. ALSO, Darren’s latest poetry collection, “Many Full Hands Applauding Inelegantly,” is due to be released this November/December by 8th House Publishing. Follow his website here for details. ) – mh clay


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How much time do you get
for threatening politicians

with more books of poetry
that call them “motherfuckers”

& “geldings”? I was hoping
I would at least get a vague

threat from some Koch thugs
for that collection. That book

brought me no response
& that was violent to my ego.

editors note:

If they read what we write for them, no violence. – mh clay


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He got to see there is
everything. He got to see
there is nothing.

It would have been
his greatest song
if the bullets hadn’t pierced

his lungs the way they did.
Just two and a half more
minutes of air

& he could have shown us
the entire depth of the well
we all swim in.

editors note:

Everything and nothing; with a little more air, he could have sung more of both. (RIP, Sam Cooke.) – mh clay