They Came

July 21, 2018  :: 0 comments

He knew most of the people who had been killed. Except for one guy who was known for his piss poor treatment of anyone that crossed his path, Terry could think of no explanation for most of the murders. It seemed to be senseless. People run over by cars, stabbed, shot, or strangled. Old lady Johnson, who was a happy …

The Fates

May 26, 2018  :: 0 comments

As I looked out the window, leaves were randomly floating to the ground. It was their destiny from the time they were formed on the trees in the Spring to lie scattered on the lawn this Fall. It had been my destiny to go to war, survive, get married, raise two kids, and become divorced. Now this… My thoughts drifted …

Infinite Road

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To almost know is nothing,
Mystery still unsolved,
Contemplation complicated,
Still so much unknown.
Mystery so magical,
Journey without end,
Sweet, sweet inspiration,
Almost takes you there,
To the destination
Of your quest to know,
The answer that evades you,
As you navigate
This never-ending road.

editors note:

It’s the questions which derail us and re-trail us. Does seem like forever, doesn’t it? – mh clay