The Sickest Burns

featured in the poetry forum November 24, 2017  :: 0 comments

because you always know
where my skin is
the most raw
you have earned
the right to know
the settings on the stove
perfect for
roasting me, charring
my tenderness until
I can wear it like
memories, intimacy,
the pleasure of
fire, absence of sting
in favor of slow-
cooked perfection
these flashes add up over time
I am well-done now
take me out
eat me

editors note:

The perfect recipe for… disaster? (We welcome Brendan to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

A Letter to My Roommates

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Someday, I want a love
that knows only the boundaries
we set for it

I want a love where things
are shared freely, where
the line between his and
mine is traversable and respected
in equal measure

I want to love someone so deeply
that I can eat a fry off his plate
without asking or he can
read my Scott Pilgrim books and
I will not mind

I want a love where I can ask him
to sleep two feet away or
holding me close and both are
beautiful, needed

I want this completely bonded type
of love, but I do not have it
with any of you, so please
stop using my soap.

editors note:

If there ain’t no bond, back the f**k off. – mh clay


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It’s the same
with almost
the tea with honey,
a plate of snacks,
bowl of cough drops,
deep chair in
their favorite color.
All of this is set up before,
so as they sit and sink
I can encourage;
more, more, say more
about that.

When they get up,
into a room decorated with
framed memories,
they rarely notice that
a thread has caught in
the chair.
As they leave, I keep it, usually
placing the end in a box,
but sometimes
taking it out
to wrap around my finger
and reassure myself that
I could pull if I wanted, unravel
their sweaters and stories
and leave them standing with
nothing on. But,
I rarely do that. Mostly,
it is enough
just to have
the option.

editors note:

Interviewees, unknowing if not innocent. Interviewer, intentions ambiguous; keeping his options open. – mh clay