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Every day my gazes break on her smiles. In the hot summer afternoon I sit on the pavement of her silence. Thrashing dust buses, cars and all other vehicles pass with so many words but they never get down before me; in this scorching heat I sit beside the street dog of my desire who pants with drooping tongue. I visit to meet the “idols of the theatre” in the city where Francis Bacon lives, though dust and heat on the roads make me tired.

editors note:

Too hot for desire, just keep panting – wait for sunset. – mh clay

The Dark Lines

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There are
many dark lines.

Only a few of them
are vertical

on the surface
of my life.

Others form
different angles.

The thicker ones
are embedded firmly

and pierce
through the bottom.

editors note:

Thick or thin, try not to step over. – mh clay

Swelling of Lies in His Throat

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I have become accustomed
to the biting
of my unfaithful dog.
Every time
his uneasy canines
get locked
into the bloodless flesh
of my thigh,
I shout in pain
until my neck
gets as thin
as truth.

When my flesh is torn apart
and the dog is free,
he develops a huge swelling
of lies
in his throat.

editors note:

No truth? No training! – mh clay

Birthday is an indirect object connected with an improper preposition

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after the birthday bash
i am tired

of loyalty –
the dry stone of a fruit

the collar of my shirt
is not an enough opening

for pumping out
the flies of myself

in my drawing room
the years cross the edge of my table

and sit
on the window-sill

outside all the compound eyes
gather in the front lawn

and scuffle like people
in the queues before ATMs

the mob is pushing me
into the enormous nucleus

of a Mrs. Malaprop’s cortex cell

editors note:

And no word is the right word for how we feel. – mh clay


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from a neighborhood
measure d on the Richter scale
three village folks we re sip
ping tea
in uncle tom’s cabin
the clamor was inter rupted
some) where
in the north bengal tea gardens:
hunger is a prisoner’s out (fit
in coma

the face value of the disaster:
‘self is seen
not as a person al essence
rather as an aesthetic and ethical object
to be create d and cultivate d’

editors note:

Sipping tea; becoming you, becoming me. – mh clay


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Indian child development minister is thinking that she
must extend the maternity leave for working women.

Afternoon naps improve my health,
I don’t care how we spend our baby moon at Miami.

The baby in the perambulator smiles at me.
Sex is hushed up. Let’s talk about love, buddies.

She wore a plunging black gown for her music promo.
She sang for raising her baby twins after divorce.

Americans name their babies after guns –
‘a nightmare on elm street.’ After the party

she pretends all is over – a ‘million dollar baby;’
though I have an infighting against mediocrity.

Pro-industry GDP doesn’t impress voters.
A gross environmental product will breast-feed them.

editors note:

For all us babies, the future is one big teat. – mh clay

What Does A Vertical Line Form

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the morning
is snow white,
only snow.
grass blades
are as dead
as her skin,
converge at the corner
of the nearest road;
other roads
have merged
with the dense forest.
measure me
from the nearest road.
i know,
the distance
remains in the vertex

below snow.

editors note:

The shortest distance between two points is too cold. – mh clay


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Ce ne fait rien
if we step forward

life is a narrow
straight line

those who look back
fall down

with a bang
into a deep, dark ditch

let’s go
we need not make the road wider

you know ‘the world as will and idea‘
don’t be afraid

of a polyphonic silence
the high street is not ours

editors note:

Yup, it’s the journey. What matters is movement; the end is unknown. – mh clay

The Scaffold

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The scaffold screwed on
The stony wall of memory
Is strong enough.
Faces on the shelves
And laugh
Like mad men
Who often make me forget
And darkness,
The plants in my garden
Or, even
My pet dog,
Waiting for me,
He forgives my all tortures
But forgets nothing.
Grueling climbing
On the scaffold,
Reeks of lubricant.
The steel pipes creak
Even far away.
In my pocket
The smart phone vibrates
But I never shove my hand
Into it.
The garbage men
Move to and fro
On the street
Like ants.
They are burning
With the summer’s sun
On the dry paper
Of work.
I observe from the top
How all the streets crowd
Around the paper.

editors note:

Memory or imagination; both look the same on paper. – mh clay


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​a bus moves slowly                    over a torn page of history

i feel a push on the back          EMPTINESS               in a

puddle@familyplanninginindia               grass-blades flicker

in the sun       here green is OBliterated        rain objectifies

the summer heat             and the characters of a love story

published in a school magazine         the nest of a tailor (?)

bird doesn’t depend           on its country’s inflation         in

the  sweltering  summer days  good and  evil have  faces of

triumph       it’s QUEER that Adam’s desire breaks the wall

of nature          a self is viewed “as an aesthetic and ethical

object to be created and cultivated”               VIOLENCE

“schopenhaur has described the surging dread that washes

over  man  when  all  of  a sudden  he loves his way among

the cognitive forms of appearance”       in the form of social

revolution            “whoever in this intellectual sphere began

talking  about  the  immorality  of the soul was immediately

excommunicated”           the cabinet ministers lean forward

over the table while they exchange views about the forth-

coming budget            the creepy = trendy looking monster

was discovered dead by the side of a pond          sitting on

a tiny branch of a tree a crow          looks at the CATAPULT

where the prime minister of its country sits  with a package

for the poor

my book-case is full       with old reeking papers waiting for

fleshy       MUSHrooms + party guests

editors note:

​Nature, nurture, not sure, hard to bridge the gap; gotta hold it all together till the party guests arrive.​ – mh clay