A Pregnancy of Wrong-doing

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When absence grows like a human foetus it creates its own uterus around itself.
Thick wall is impenetrable, only suspicion flows into it like blood.

editors note:

Better to abort than to be stillborn. – mh clay


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When thunders and lightnings rampage
across the sky and create innumerable
openings for the cyclones, I switch off
location in my phone and walk around
freely so that no one can access the
spaces that I cover. I believe, something
inconclusive is better and more meaningful
than anything so-called conclusive and

editors note:

What we make from the murk is our own. – mh clay


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It is not possible to mark all the blurred zones of misunderstandings because their presences
Act like catalysts.

Unnecessarily we always create a passage for a disaster between one unknown and another.

editors note:

Misunderstanding aggravates angst. – mh clay

A Political Split

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A dirty pavement
of the North
shouted –
‘Smash the bloody Moon.’
The distant streets
with curious faces
came flying
from elsewhere.
Then a few of them
defected from the crowd
and gathered
in the sunless zone
of the city.
They talked about
a different political agendum.

editors note:

Split after split, always that “bloody Moon.” – mh clay

Momentum and Thrust of the Undefined

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The black Alley Walk Suede steps on a…… The foot-marks have been withdrawn from…… The manicured fingernails…… A visionary phenomenon…… Sometimes we’re raised by…… Sometimes a door behind you…… The conceit, grown from a fruit-stone…… A provocation can transport us to…… Ok, let’s look at the…… A yellow ochre space in a triangle…… What does a face imply when everyone is forced to wear a mask?

editors note:

This our current handicap; not knowing how to fill the gaps. – mh clay

g lass etc.

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water + copper sulphate
create fear tissues
on a substratum
animal boasting
powered by
a vertical thunder
takes a hot bath
in a cold evening
relatively stark
swallowed fire

editors note:

Ahhh! A hot bath to quell the fear and dull the thunder (slight case of heartburn after). – mh clay


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The stray pebbles cluster around the cracked and fragmented waters. The hydrodynamic forces control pebbles of different sizes; this is an accepted model of secularism. The inner ice-bones of water swell and play the major roles in buoyancy.

editors note:

Keep your ice cold and your beliefs separate. – mh clay


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Let us play out a stalemate.
I know,
my silence is not properly punctuated.

Please wait in different stations
of understanding.
and assess your judgment
until love whistles.

Let us resume another game
after each game.

editors note:

Play your pawn. Wait, you’re the pawn. Best concede… – mh clay

First Love

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The snowball beside the dry twig still possesses the warmth of the child’s palms like first love. Though the child passed carelessly towards a warm place with his parents.

editors note:

Koan of consequence. – mh clay


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A flight for a special agendum
is convened. The sky is cut
into two pieces through referendum.

of the electorate
are superfluously organic.

“I am” is diagonally refracted
through the thick glass of being
and falls on the green algae


collisions neither sink nor swim.

Here I feel,
“I am alone in this white street lined with gardens.”

editors note:

Existential dodge ball, “I am” or not. – mh clay