Neighbourhood Upside Down

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An error escapes
through commotion
just at noon-point.
Blue room
forbidden fingerprints
and claustrophobic
alarm clock—
the margins
of an assumed white-sheet.

A dog kicks back.
Each element of a moment
struggles in my neighbourhood.

editors note:

What struggles in yours? – mh clay


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The feeling as an infiltrator
remains inside me.
All-time I travel
on the edge
of my limit.
Weeds grow everywhere;
though I am not
afraid of bankruptcy.
“No! Sir!!
Poverty is the real wealth.”
Blazing sun-light
cannot burn my home
in the Mercury.

editors note:

What’s hot is not when you’re too poor to pay. – mh clay

An Inferno Cannot be A Source of Light

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Christmas tree, why do I forget my favourite keys on a keyboard?

I look around and watch, so many people are homeless; they even don’t get water to drink. Icebergs are crumbling elsewhere.

O! Jesus! Let me sit on the side of the river Dnipro and quench the thirst of my mind. I have lost everything. A New Year had never been so accidental, so dark in my life.

An Inferno cannot be a source of light. Elsewhere I watch, innocent children are playing on their mothers’ graves. Is it the planet, You created for us?

editors note:

A bright Noel on planet hell. – mh clay

A Pregnancy of Wrong-doing

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When absence grows like a human foetus it creates its own uterus around itself.
Thick wall is impenetrable, only suspicion flows into it like blood.

editors note:

Better to abort than to be stillborn. – mh clay


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When thunders and lightnings rampage
across the sky and create innumerable
openings for the cyclones, I switch off
location in my phone and walk around
freely so that no one can access the
spaces that I cover. I believe, something
inconclusive is better and more meaningful
than anything so-called conclusive and

editors note:

What we make from the murk is our own. – mh clay


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It is not possible to mark all the blurred zones of misunderstandings because their presences
Act like catalysts.

Unnecessarily we always create a passage for a disaster between one unknown and another.

editors note:

Misunderstanding aggravates angst. – mh clay

A Political Split

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A dirty pavement
of the North
shouted –
‘Smash the bloody Moon.’
The distant streets
with curious faces
came flying
from elsewhere.
Then a few of them
defected from the crowd
and gathered
in the sunless zone
of the city.
They talked about
a different political agendum.

editors note:

Split after split, always that “bloody Moon.” – mh clay

Momentum and Thrust of the Undefined

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The black Alley Walk Suede steps on a…… The foot-marks have been withdrawn from…… The manicured fingernails…… A visionary phenomenon…… Sometimes we’re raised by…… Sometimes a door behind you…… The conceit, grown from a fruit-stone…… A provocation can transport us to…… Ok, let’s look at the…… A yellow ochre space in a triangle…… What does a face imply when everyone is forced to wear a mask?

editors note:

This our current handicap; not knowing how to fill the gaps. – mh clay

g lass etc.

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water + copper sulphate
create fear tissues
on a substratum
animal boasting
powered by
a vertical thunder
takes a hot bath
in a cold evening
relatively stark
swallowed fire

editors note:

Ahhh! A hot bath to quell the fear and dull the thunder (slight case of heartburn after). – mh clay


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The stray pebbles cluster around the cracked and fragmented waters. The hydrodynamic forces control pebbles of different sizes; this is an accepted model of secularism. The inner ice-bones of water swell and play the major roles in buoyancy.

editors note:

Keep your ice cold and your beliefs separate. – mh clay