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I’ve witnessed reality become science fiction,
The mobile phone become an addiction,
People altogether dependant on it
Unable to get up,
Or fall asleep,
Feeling they can’t function without it,
Using it as a pick me up,
To get their fix,
Stressed out on the tube,
Their arms flexed towards their faces,
Retinas embossed with images
Ingrained in their subconscious,
Perplexed like living lampposts,
Half human hiding away into hoods
Anxious about their battery dying,
Not knowing how they’ll get to where they’re going,
Or get back
Afraid they might lose it
Their fingers tapping frantically,
Feeling dischargement,
Longing to be plugged in
Children cut from the cords of their mother-
Bored out of their minds at the bold reality
Of what the world was like before
I tapped this out on my phone.

editors note:

Trying to tap in before we’re tapped out. – mhclay


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Slender is the sight
as the ani-males
prowl and scowl
with the sounder of boars
brooding bevvied vixens
skulking to get the grist
Of larking exaltation
mixing drinks in a cocktail of osculation
re-cooperating in the curio-city
where stags roam about the beautiful landscape
in the hormonal carnal circus
where the naked streets
wear many guises

Taxi cabs flurry
like mustard past cafeterias
with striking neons
that blaze amidst haze
of amazing dystopia
in utopia
of magnification
the entomology
the etymology
of communication

editors note:

A narrow view of the daily slew; bug buggered, too. – mh clay

Train of Thought

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Late at night
When my mind dims to a candling flicker
I find myself comforted by
Shadows denoting a presence
Through the transubstantiation of darkness,
The sound of car engines churning over,
Their headlights shining through the window,
Illuminating branches wavering against walls
The sound of trains pacifying silence so close in the distance
Brings home the warm glow of petrol stations on lonely journeys
The luminosity of light-emitting diodes
Entrancing stratospheric reflections
Embracing hypnogenic catatonic paralysis
With introspective rainwater
Racing down culverts
Into depths of consciousness
The vast ocean of thought evaporating
Into multitudinous clocks
Elapsing at different intervals
Retaining time.

editors note:

A night train clock goes tickety-tock. – mh clay

Keep the Candle Burning

March 29, 2022  :: 0 comments

Silence. Matt anguished these situations when natural conversation came to an end and eyes met like magnets drawing the gaze with repellent retreat. His stomach rumbled like thunder, causing his thoughts to inflate. Filling his head with heat he didn’t need. Can she hear me thinking? Matt thought with himself. The paranoia galloping up to his ears. I think she …

Racing Thoughts

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They say a hurried life’s a hindered one.
So why am I rushing myself through it?
Pushing myself out in order to get some peace.

Rather than finding peace, I’m in pieces.
My memories perpetuated by the present I give myself.
Traveling the speed of light
With no need to go anywhere.
The world at my fingertips,
Everything on tap.
Hanging out with stars in a cosmological cinema,
Fulfilling fantasies in a hollow graphic reality.
Living the dream.

O for the days when it was a pleasure to be bored
Before the sluggish fluency took hold.
Making me frantic,
Alone with my mosquito mind
Fizzing like a pill in my skull,
Fractured by the strain of concentration.

editors note:

Oh, for that bucolic buzz, indeed. – mh clay

Black and White TV with the Sound Turned Low

July 10, 2021  :: 0 comments

My uncle Charlie only ever saw things in black and white. He had never owned a colour TV. He said the colour TV license was far too dear. I didn’t even know anyone still believed in that shit. Was there such a thing as a black and white TV license in this day and age? “Black and white’s better,” he’d …

Night Rain

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The argon lights dripped into pools along the pavement,
As he followed her after the rain.
When she crossed the road,
He stood at the crossing where the traffic light,
Like a straightened question mark made exclamation
-Became a cold eye bearing down the nervous system-
He wondered whether she played piano,
Maybe in a bar or beside a window…

editors note:

Not stalking, just curiosity walking. – mh clay

The Surprise

November 7, 2020  :: 0 comments

Walter Nye would overcome his shyness towards his lover Kristin. After his eventual first date they became a great couple. Collecting comments from street gossip about their togetherness. Walter would talk of nothing else. Kristen this. Kristen that. Until all his friends deserted him. But Walter didn’t care. Nor hardly realize. All he wanted and needed was Kristin. As time …


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When the world weighs heavy upon me
I light up
My feet go from under me
Followed by my legs
Tingling up my spine
Towards my neck
Until all that’s left’s
My face disappearing
Behind a puff of smoke.

editors note:

Selfish indulgence or self-care? Let’s have a smoke and think about it… – mh clay

Boxed In

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The moment I step out of myself
I leave the door wide open
To allow others to walk in
And put themselves at ease

So that I no longer want to return
And remain outside
While they cause havoc
Discerning no respect nor regard for my personal space
Desecrating everything that once made me

Then I close the door on them
Locking them in
Unwilling to release them
Preferring to keep them restrained
Rather than let them out.

editors note:

This is why it’s best to be a good guest. – mh clay