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In celebration of our differences
Craving for more respect, more relevance
All before self
Deep-rooted yet visible
In him, her and all
Knocking, piercing, screaming
This urge, the roar, the calling
A conviction to carve a Nation
Our will is to become a People

editors note:

While we’re making resolutions, here are some ingredients to add to our mix. – mh clay

“Me Too” of a different kind

February 23, 2018  :: 0 comments

Another mass shooting tragedy in America. We are all too emotional right now; this is just not the time to talk gun control, is what we are told.

In a week or so when the pain lessens for most of us, so does the passion for change; so why talk gun control then?

Weeks later, the last incident forgotten, wiped off our memories, greed in full control; gun control, what gun control?

So my dear fellow Americans as you see there is no good time to be talking gun control.

They also cite the constitution which clearly states, “the right of the people to keep and bear semi-automatic-turned-automatic Arms with high-capacity magazines, shall not be infringed.”

For me, this remains an example of American Men messing up this issue beyond recognition. Even though the rest of the modern world has found their way around this problem exactly with gun control laws; that is not our issue, we are repeatedly told.

Maybe, just maybe, the gathering American Woman power can jump in to wade us all out of this mess.

Or and the speed with which the communities and people affected by mass shootings are increasing this may well turn into another “Me Too” movement.

So wait patiently America for all the powerful who can but are refusing to protect us from this scourge; wait patiently for enough of them and theirs to become part of this “Me Too” and that is precisely when we would have our gun control laws.

It is only a matter of time and statistics. For now, continue waiting America.

editors note:

Maybe, just maybe… – mh clay


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Come with me on a mental exercise.
Give me the best way of bringing down a nation?
Take America for example.
How can America be defeated?
Not by force against the World’s best military.
Not monetarily upon the World’s largest economy.
No, it cannot be politically isolated.
Still, there is a way, a very smart one at that.
Polarize and divide them Americans.
Have them hate each other, choke them, create doubt.
Pitch people against people, let America defeat itself.
Do from within which cannot be done from without.

editors note:

An outsider’s insight from the inside. So, when we monkeys see, what do we monkeys do? – mh clay

Almost Equal

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This game we were playing making faces at each other
Except I was the only one to end up on the altar
Turns out that with my name I should not have been playing this game
And also that I was a shade too dark
I tug on my freedoms before I write
Please God, please
In another life let me be blond, blue-eyed and white

editors note:

There it is! What color is privileged where you are? – mh clay


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News of gloom
That of the impending doom
Negative news and then some
That lump in the throat
Reporting on the ugly, broadcasting the terrible
Over and over
A disproportionately pessimistic view of this world
Dampening of the good, exaggerating the bad
Keeping us on the hook and edge
Calling, one disaster after another
Ignoring most of which is better
And our misery addicted minds
(Misery often that of the others)
Keep buying into this sick sensationalism
A frustrating experience it is
Most of what we get as News
Whatever sells and is good for business

I guess

editors note:

No guess work! Satisfaction guaranteed! Buy more, be happy; rinse and repeat! – mh clay

Us Muslims

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This is our circus, our monkeys.
The question begs us how to best respond to all this.
Blame everyone else to the hilt for our ills.
Stay in our shell, shocked, shy, never to step out, never to mix.
Keep our eyes closed and pretend all is kosher.
Or wait for some other divine miracle.
Where each one of us is a brand ambassador, I believe for a Muslim today just showing up is not enough.
This is the time to step it up without apologies or excuses.
With smiling eyes and heads held high, at work or play, crawl if we have to go that extra mile.
To reach out, help out, love, impress.
Create some magic, make some good news, lay ourselves out to excel and embrace.
Step out from behind those walls.
Leave our surrounds a better place.

editors note:

What “we” make “them” do to live with “us” makes “them” the better. – mh clay


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Wash away the washed up Aylan from our conscience
Pretend that it never happened

And somehow undo this stirred up hornet’s nest
Anything that helps prevent bursting our bubble

If this is the Arab Spring
It has to get better than this

Or some other galaxy’s Armageddon
For ours would need to wait its turn

Dog eat dog
Never on this planet, not on our watch

Shall we gather our pieces and do it better all over again
For all of those Aylans who are not going to have a picture taken

editors note:

Long after the news cycles go cold, lives go dead while we go on. Remember… – mh clay

Your average Muslim Joe and Mary

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Eradicated en masse by the Muslim fundamentalists for not being Muslim enough and siding with the West

Tried unilaterally in the media, embarrassed, condemned, regarded with suspicion, frisked at the airports, many having lost their lives and checked off as collateral damage by the warring West

Often misunderstood and taken out of context

Never for a conflict, we like it quiet and out of limelight

Not expecting anyone to bail us out or elevate our status

Some fault for all this surely lies with us

We are your average Muslim Joe and Mary, the single largest casualty, the silent tragedy of this war on terror

And it is for us to find a way out of this rut

To become a world-class scientist, a politician, an artist, an entrepreneur, a philosopher

Excel at living and never say never

editors note:

A little perspective, right? A little empathy. A little tolerance… – mh clay

Peshawar, Thar, Newtown

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How do we tell children apart?
Our children from those less privileged?
Our children from those of a terrorist?
Hungry children from sick children?
Pretending to play dead children, from dead children?

How in the hell do they tell?
Which one to let live, which one to kill?

Reactive governance, absent strategy?
Politics of war, political warring?
Failing diplomacy, content apathy?
In a burden we all share
This child play is for real
There, here, elsewhere, anywhere
Children will be children, they are dying everywhere

Paying the price, laying their lives
Crying out loud then going quiet
Our past, our present, haunting our future
Children are children, they are dying everywhere

Is there something wrong with this picture?
How is this not our mutual shame?
How is this not our shared failure?
Children our children, are dying everywhere

editors note:

Shamed, yes; but, stirred to action? You? I? – mh

Catch my plea

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What is with all “that light”
For just another ordinary day
How in the world can it end this way
No warning, no nothing
And there I lay
Not breathing
A heart gone silent
And “that light”
It cannot be
I am not ready
This has to be a mistake
I thought I had time yet
To clean up my act
To wipe off my slate
I’ve repeatedly wronged myself
The horror show of my transgressions
And a closet load of skeletons
Have been plenty cruel to me
Someone, anyone
Catch my plea
Can I live it over
Do it right, do it better
Try and make amends
Get another chance
Go back once

editors note:

Everyone wants a “do over.” Better done now, than regretted later – forgive yourself. – mh