Mad Swirl Open Mic : 03.01.17

Mad Swirl Open Mic : 03.01.17
Join forces with Mad Swirl & Swirve this 1st Wednesday of March (aka 03.01.17) at 8:00 SHARP as we continue to swirl up our mic madness at our mad mic-ness home, Dallas’ City Tavern! This month Mad Swirl is proud to be hosting the book release of poet Paul Sexton's fourth book "Machine Of Almosting: Poems[read more]

The Best of Mad Swirl : 02.18.17

The Best of Mad Swirl : 02.18.17
"A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free." ~ Nikos Kazantzakis ••• The Mad Gallery ••• “the forgotten (3)” (above) by featured artist Allen Forrest. To see more of Allen's mad illustrations, as well as our other featured artists, visit our Mad Gallery! ••• The Poetry Forum ••• This last week[read more]

The Best of Mad Swirl : 02.11.17

The Best of Mad Swirl : 02.11.17
"The real being of language is that into which we are taken up when we hear it - what is said." ~ Hans-Georg Gadamer ••• The Mad Gallery ••• “the forgotten (1)” (above) by featured artist Allen Forrest. Mad Swirl is proud to introduce you to our newest visual artist, Allen Forrest. Allen brings us an expressive art collection[read more]

Cowardly Soul

Five years’ plans are a lot to take in
A chunk from one’s life irreplaceable
Nationalising train wrecks from another’s sin
A question of language eating home.

Down to the bones of me bum, laughing at poverty
I take on many tasks to see me right
Voluntarily working, suiting the nighttime
Where the moon is cried for all the time.

Slipping in and out of windows, a famously high drop
Underscores a necessity of holding the fort
With a sword in the thatch, fighting whoever
An enemy only bearing factual news.

Nothing to descend. Swearing not to have children
Close ranks with progress, sleeping in time
Wiping hands on the tablecloth in front of spies.

Not wearing a hat to keep secrets in
The dark-furnished bedroom keeps the time
Looking out for favours detached from kind
Not sullying the gait of your colleagues.

– Patricia Walsh

Recently Published

Morning Wrapped Herself in Negligee

Morning wrapped herself in negligee
Hazy silk and stars
Embroidered flowers stitched
On satin strings

As evening’s final breath lingers
Kissing moonlight tendrils morning dew
His haloed cloud and misty[read more]

Just Fine

If I see u and u don’t see me that’s fine, if I speak to u and u don’t speak back that’s fine, if u[read more]

Keep Your Mouths Shut

babbling. chains have crushed your arm, rabid lemmings carry you along. how your many abortions felt, on both sides. last request. cholera is your best[read more]



(excerpt from the short story "Immortal") Excuse Me Miss, can I ask you a question? ••• Oh, no ma'am, I'm not trying to sell you anything ••• No, no it's not like that. I just want to ask you something if you would be so kind as to indulge an old man for a little while ••• Well, what could I do to you in such a public place with this many people milling around and in full sunlight? ••• You honor me beautiful lady, thank you. ••• Oh, where are my manners? Please, have a seat. ••• Forgive me if I am[read more]
Harvest Road

Harvest Road

Harvest Road took women and no one was bothered. From God’s eye and Internet maps it was easy to discover the street but miss sidewalk cracks where dark things with wet skin made night sounds, piles of departed and disfigured pets found under lost animal posters, and ghostly annual October Klansmen hanging in mesquite trees. Karen absorbed all this on Harvest Road, but for her a jog was still just another word for a walk. She breezed past what hid in obvious sight, as she had for months since moving[read more]
Neil Armstrong’s Thoughts about January 28, 1986

Neil Armstrong’s Thoughts about January 28, 1986

My first response to the accident? I was catatonic. “They’re all dead. They’re all dead.” I don’t know how many times I repeated it. I’m sure I sounded mechanical. That was my first response on January 28, 1986 to the shuttle Challenger disaster. At 11:39 in the morning. Seventy-three seconds of that day started the darkest period of my life. I can still feel the tears streaming down my face. I turned and looked at Janet on the couch next to me. We were two of 35 million Americans watching the[read more]