The Best of Mad Swirl : 09.04.17 - 09.16.17

The Best of Mad Swirl : 09.04.17 - 09.16.17
"Art is a fruit that grows in man, like a fruit on a plant, or a child in its mother's womb." ~ Jean Arp ••• The Mad Gallery ••• “Restless As Dream Lightning” (above) by featured artist Bill Wolak. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We cannot get enough of Bill Wolak! The symmetry, the[read more]

Notes of Gratitude to the Mad Ones : 09.06.17

Notes of Gratitude to the Mad Ones : 09.06.17
This past 1st Wednesday of September (aka 09.06.17) Mad Swirl stirred it up again. This month we opened the mic up to all you mad poets, performers and musicians. Here’s a shout out to all who graced us with your words, your songs, your divine madness… Hosts: MH Clay Opalina Salas Music: Swirve Mad Mic Cast: Paul Koniecki Raquel Genae Carlos Salas Reverie Evolving Sam[read more]

Returning Featured Artist: Bill Wolak

Returning Featured Artist: Bill Wolak
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We cannot get enough of Bill Wolak! The symmetry, the oddity – both pleasing and confusing to the eyes in a way that we dig the most. If you’ve seen Bill’s work before, we HIGHLY suggest checking out this new batch. If you haven’t experienced him[read more]


The phone rang and I picked it up
From the other end came a near hysterical female voice
I thought, fuck who have I pissed off now?
But this one turned out to be another of those damn automated calls
She told me in no uncertain terms that according to her records
I hadn’t arranged a much-needed funeral plan!

I hung up immediately but suddenly felt my own mortality
At 44 am I already on the way out
And do they know something I don’t know about
On this gloomy, near death Thursday morning
When the only thing to look forward to now is work

Recently Published

Easy as 1, 2, truth.

You see
You’re Everlasting like the essence of bread and wine.
When you read forever My grandfather’s cheeks were Scarlet with eternity
And I have fervor in infinity
When[read more]

Destitute dreamer

Is gonna think?
Her vague presence
Buried in the
Womb of silence,
And I weep for
Her beauty.

Got drunk,
In my madness,
Spinning her dream;
In the haywire.
Loitering in the streets
In[read more]

the fall.


i fell hard enough one day to break bone,
fell flat on my back.
i kept doing it over
and over,
until the weaker protrusions
growing out of[read more]



Come in! came a voice. Hurley went in and confronted a bald well-built man in a wife beater undershirt with an electric guitar strapped on, playing scales slowly with no amplifier to the tick tock of a tall red metronome. He didn't stop when he saw Hurley. He just nodded What do you need? I need your name. The ticking of the metronome and the tiny sound of the unamplified notes set the pace for the conversation. My name's John. Why? What's your name? Hurley. So what do you want, Hurley? What can I do[read more]
Bloody Rock

Bloody Rock

The sun was blazing green hues, the earth was sprouting blood like dust. The wind was icy and heavy- almost suffocating. Sunburnt twisted limbs dug. They fissured the serum of earth with violence and tickled the tarnished soil with their sickles and spades. Each brutal sweat evaporated into miasma. The wailing chill swallowed the filth, the trauma. Violence sniffled into abjectness. The arid restrictive atmosphere was burning through the hides of those slimy creatures that were wriggling on the scarlet soil. They were like veins that had burst in a body and[read more]
This Is What Love Is About

This Is What Love Is About

“You see, there’s always an increase in stake and a gap and a back up against the wall. Now, look…” He flicked his cigarette. “No matter how much you write, you want more.” Lilly was just listening. Herb was in one of his moods. “It was cool, so clever, the way that thing just arrived in me.” Herb lit another one. They were eating Italian in Newark. He was not going to stop smoking cigarettes with food just because some hotshot New York mayor was on a power trip. “It came to me so[read more]