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This Increasing Expanse of the Swirliverse

This Increasing Expanse of the Swirliverse
Greetings, Mad Friends! I'd like to share a few remarks on recent growth here at Mad Swirl. Our creative conspiracy of Contributing Poets has reached over 130 poets in number with more coming soon. Our poets come from all over the world. You'll see 4 new Contributing Poets and 2 returning Contributors in just the next three[read more]

The Best of Mad Swirl : 07.16.16

The Best of Mad Swirl : 07.16.16
"I try for a poetic language that says, This is who we are, where we have been, where we are. This is where we must go. And this is what we must do." ~ Mari Evans ••• The Mad Gallery ••• “ink5x7inches1-17-2016” (above) by featured artist Norman Olson. To see more of Norman's mad snaps, as well as[read more]


among the nights i lost:

(1) we are sitting around
the kitchen table
& there are drinks

& we are young & full of hope
& everything is louder
& everything is light blue
(not robin’s egg, but close)

& you are still a thought.

(2) we are at home under the bridge
& we broke our bottles on the rocks,
except for the one that didn’t
& bounced into the hudson river

& we are laughing
& everything else is quiet
& everything is a pale yellow,
except for the water:

a motionless dark blue

& you are closer
& i can almost feel you now.

(3) there is a light
coming through the bedroom window
& we are alone now

& there is no music,
but we are dancing

& everything is glowing
& everything is orange

& you are here.

Recently Published

Make Me Whole

some days
after work
after i take that drive home
and it’s 2:30am
after i work that job
that is ever awesome so.
usually Thursday mornings,
because i know thursday mornings the[read more]

The Infinitude of LOVE

Embraced equinoxes
on the lips of a Spring,
breaths made visible
with Chi power,
meridian feelings,
no North poles
on the other ends…

Solstice mysteries,
boreal mélange
and infused potpourris,
we twirl with Druid feet
and[read more]

and then the guitar spoke

and the wild cherry bloomed in its sanctuary the news was that the girls had gone back to the forests
taking their tears and broken hearts[read more]

I Was Here First

I Was Here First

People leaving the stairwell entry in the front row of the bullring’s top tier kept stopping to admire the view, moving on when hearing: “Fucking move!” When Mohican screamed, he stood up. He had stood up a lot. He was in the front row beside the entry. “You’re in the fucking way!” he belched, for the twenty-fifth time. Stunned faces spun, seeing Mohican, before moving on. Mohican's pale face’s hairy, black mole adorned an inflamed cheek, his Mohican like an outraged bird’s plume upon his pudgy head. “Fucking move!” he screamed again, his victim spinning[read more]
Night at The Dakota

Night at The Dakota

Nobody likes “the professor,” but he does throw great parties. Lots of good-looking yuppies, excellent food and an open bar. A distinguished professor of psychology at the City University, he owns a huge apartment in The Dakota, a landmarked building on Central Park West. He never could have afforded it on his salary but he earns substantial royalties from his pop psychology books. They include such titles as Relations That Last Forever, How to Make Great First Impressions, and Anger Management for Dummies. You would think that the professor would have a[read more]
The Other End of the Bar

The Other End of the Bar

Jesus! What am I doing! Robert thought to himself. It was midday and he was alone in his tiny room with his mind in the salt shaker. He is quite strong. He benches 280 and arm curls 130. He is a writer who just lifts weights for something to do. He has been watching a lot of mixed martial arts lately. He loves it. It’s so logical. The most focused, best skilled, strongest person nearly always wins: it just makes so much sense. He wonders about art: Why is it like[read more]