The Best of Mad Swirl : 08.24.19

The Best of Mad Swirl : 08.24.19
“Writing is nothing more than a guided dream.” Jorge Luis Borges ••• The Mad Gallery ••• Cultivating Delirium ~ Bill Wolak To see ALL of Bill's crazy concoction of collages, as well as our other featured artists (45 total!), visit our Mad Gallery! ••• The Poetry Forum ••• This last week on Mad Swirl's Poetry Forum... we heard tales told of gods and[read more]

The Best of Mad Swirl : 08.17.19

The Best of Mad Swirl : 08.17.19
“Any art communicates what you're in the mood to receive.” Larry Rivers ••• The Mad Gallery ••• Seductive As a Moan of Pleasure ~ Bill Wolak It’s always a pleasure to welcome Bill Wolak back to the Mad Swirl Gallery and this time (his 6th) is no different! The symmetrical works he brings are always quite the treat; sometimes[read more]

Another Mad Review : Unwritten Words That Slide Down The Wall

Another Mad Review : Unwritten Words That Slide Down The Wall
Unwritten Words That Slide Down The Wall by James D. Casey IV Cajun Mutt Press (May 28, 2019) Available at Amazon James Dennis Casey IV (JDC IV) goes by a few names: Magick Gonzo Outlaw Poet, Madman Philosopher, Artist, Pirate, Owl Lover, Cat Lover, and Weirdo. I’m sure there are more things he’s been called or calls[read more]


It’s on the
edge of the desert

an open door welcomes
the thirsty
and the curious

ashtrays full of
last night’s words
and crushed hearts
where leather jackets
and quarters keep
the juke box breathing

passing freight trains
push a melody
to someplace

where truckers kill time
until the coffee
turns cold

songs on the road
top down
next town signs
shot to death

where lizards and snakes
crawl the night dance

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But That ‘Old Time Religion’ Ain’t Gonna Pay For My Hooker & Cocaine Addiction

Dear God, what have I become?
I absolutely adore the shit,
grime, stench, and rot of the Dark Levels.
I am a Spiritual Masochist,
that eeeccchhhoooo-ing mental anguish
is almost[read more]


Summer greets me in my memory like an old friend
suddenly I am ten years old with dripping hair and tan, damp skin
the smell of chlorine[read more]

Your Violet Hair Ribbon

Last night you slept with your head on my chest
My nose in your hair.

While I dozed the violet ribbon upon my wrist
Broke and fell off.[read more]

Night Talk

Night Talk

He’d seen their eyes stare at him when he read, in front of bars and tables. The eyes looked serious and fixed under the night lights, like he was saying something important. John Hynes had experiences like that reading. A musician called John Hynes over one night. They were in a bar. John Hynes knew the guy slightly. "I like that story you read here in open mic last week," the guy said. The guy’s name was Chuck. "In fact, would you mind giving me a copy?" Hynes said, "No, I wouldn’t mind." He[read more]


Silence. Silence is a contagious word, she muses and looks at sea. Warm waves hurry to meet the sun burnt rocks. The gold of the sand shimmers in the glow of the night. Silvery orb of the moon twinkles, one last wink and then ducks behind bales of black cotton. She scribbles on the sand: there is silence in the rush of waves in the downpour of rain in the gush of verse in the out pour of love… The words written farther away from the shore. So the tide couldn’t wipe them away, ruthlessly, as[read more]
My Partner

My Partner

My partner was driving me nuts. We work for a company that does financial research and analysis. When we’re assigned a project, I do the research part, using the internet to get all the information I can. I give the data to Ben and he uses computer algorithms to analyze it, then he generates a report. By the way, I’m Jerry. I know, but the names are just a coincidence. We’re very good as a team, but I personally can’t stand him. He’s such a nerd. For example, most of the[read more]